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Top Ten Weepy Moments

10. The Abyss and that cave scene. Gabrielle is feverish and STILL wants to talk about Hope and where she wats to be buried... kind of sweet.

9. The death of the Destroyer in A Family Affair - yes, we know it was a guy in a rubber suit, but his mournful moans after he realised he'd killed his mum by mistake was really quite touching.

8. The fireside scene from Callisto when Xena tells Gabrielle about how her army destroyed Callisto's town. One of the first emotional scene between Xena and Gabrielle.

7. "Even in death Gabrielle..I will never leave you". It could be Friend in Need 2 but it was a classic line from One Against and Army, quite a weepy episode all round actually!

6. When Fates Collide, one of the best of season 6, and yet another jail cell. A badly injured Xena and a confused Gabrielle prove that no matter what timeline they are in, they are meant to be together. "I'll love you forever." So sweet..

5. The death of Borias in Past Imperfect - such a great death scene, and that end part as he sees his son Solan and with his dying breath croaks out "my son..." So touching.

4. Xena sings 'Love of You Love' in The Bitter Suite ...and there's not a dry eye in the house.

3. "Scratch my nose will you.." The Debt 2 and another jail cell, as a forlorn Gabrielle asks Xena's forgiveness.

2. The jail cell scene in Ides of March - as they face their execution, Xena and Gabrielle have one of their most teary chat. "I wish I'd have read your scrolls..just once.."aaah!

1. The final scenes from A Friend in Need 2 - I haven't been able to watch this without tears in my eyes, the music, that hug between Xena and Gabrielle. Maybe you hated it and were crying in frustration or anger, but never have so many tears been shed in the Xenaverse!

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