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UK Release
Season 6 on video and DVD
April 1st 2002

UK TV alert
Lucy Lawless in The X Files
Sky One 9pm
April 5th 2002

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Top Ten Lucy Lawless Moments

Lucy Lawless - the goddess herself - celebrated her 34th birthday recently. You don't look a day over 33 Lucy!!
I've picked a mixture of acting and non acting, although its actually very hard to narrow it down in the XENA episode stakes. So, here are my top ten Lucy Moments..

10. Lucy as Xena does her own fire breathing in Cradle of Hope for the first time (I think). I was immensely impressed on learning that Lucy did the fire breathing herself, and great to see her do it again in A Friend in Need

9. Is There a Doctor in the House?, Lucy's first really dramatic and emotional scene. Actually, about the MOST animated we ever see Xena get, as she tries to resuscitate a seemingly dead Gabrielle.....oh no!!! Don't worry, she does in the end, after a fair few tears and a bit of wailing.

8. S2's Warrior, Princess, Tramp was one of Lucy's most impressive comic acting feats as she played so many characters! Xena, Meg, Diana, Meg pretending to be Xena, Meg pretending to be Diana, Xena pretending to be Meg pretending to be Diana...I hope you're keeping up! And every one was different.

7. The HERCULES episode Stranger in a Strange World was one that was great fun to watch. Lucy as alternate Xena has a huge cake fight with alternate Aphrodite. It was a real cake and both actresses really go for it. Watch the cream fly! They could have made a fortune selling tickets to watch that :)

6. Lucy's "Out of Bodice" experience at an ice hockey game in 1997. More exposure for Lucy :) She was singing the National Anthem (why did they get a New Zealander to sing the US anthem???) and raised her arm at the end, only to pop out of the top! Ooh-er!

5. The Debt where Lucy really gets into her bad old Xena role, I love how cunning and menacing she is, yet Lucy also shows us her flaws - her impulsive aggression, that present day Xena learns to tame. Also some superb Xena/Gabrielle moments with Lucy saying so much without speaking a word. Give this woman an Emmy!

4. Lucy falls off her horse rehearsing for the Jay Leno show and breaks her pelvis. Not exactly on Lucy's list, I'm sure, but it gave the show and Lucy herself a HUGE amount of publicity and a great big boost in the US media.

3. The opening scene of the HERCULES episode The Warrior Princess. It's the first ever Xena scene, and Lucy kicks butt from the start! Nice red dress too.

2. S6's The Ring Trilogy. Lucy at her best, as we see more of her dark past. Lucy is tremendously good as a baddie, and Valkyrie Xena was jsut wonderful. I ADORE that scene where she goes visiting the oh-so-gullible Rhinemaidens. Then we also get a very subtle performance from Lucy as Wealthea, amnesiac Xena. Fabulous acting.

1. The Bitter Suite, Lucy as Xena sings "Love of Your Love". Perfect for Lucy's voice, she delivers this beautiful song wonderfully well, and made it a tear jerking end to a dazzling episode

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