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UK Release
Season 4 DVD box 2
16th September 2002

UK Release
Season 5 DVD box 1
4th November 2002

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Contributed by Gab and Sapph

After an appeal for Top Tens, Gab and Sapph sent me this fab top ten :) Thanks Tarts...

10. A Comedy of Eros - Xena's selfish movement in the wrong direction causes Gabby to fall for Joxer - now that is downright tortuous!

9. A Day In The Life - Xena uses Gabby's beloved scrolls to wipe her arse - HOW RUDE!

8. The whole of season five - You can't use the old "I'm pregnant so ignore my hormones" for this one - our delicious Battling Bard spent the whole season protecting that ungrateful wench, only to be cast aside for anything in leather pants.

7.Amphipolis Under Siege - Not only did Xena lick Ares' hairy chest, she then proceded to tell the Bard she felt A LOT more than a slight tickle - talk about nasty!

6. Antony and Cleopatra - Xena was such a slut with Anthony, totally ignoring Gabby's feelings (if we were Gabby at this point we'd have started speaking to the Jinn and gone off in search of that hot bod Najara!)

5. Gabrielle's Hope et al - Xena tells Gabs to kill her own flesh and blood (even if it was the spawn of the Devil)- The worst form of mental abuse?

4. The Bitter Suite #1 - Xena kills 'Gabby' - YET AGAIN!

3. The Bitter Suite #2 - The Gab-Drag - SHOW IT ALL! What can we say that hasn't been said before? Sapphie says Gabby deserved it (this was before she fell for the ever-so-loverly Gab)

2. The Reckoning - Xena gives Gabby a right good slappin - the first inkling that Xena had HUGE bitch potential - and had Gabby done anything wrong? This was one moment when all those Season 1 Gabby haters switched sides!!!!!

1. Motherhood - That toss of the chakram - that's gotta hurt! And it was totally uneccessary! What a cow!

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