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UK Release
Season 4 DVD box 2
16th September 2002

UK Release
Season 5 DVD box 1
4th November 2002

Xenaville Home

Top Ten Painful Moments
Contributed by Tony

Bits in the show that make you go "ouch!"

10. Destiny - Xena gets her legs broken with a mallet (wielded by Lucy's brother, Daniel trivia fans!) Ouch.

9. Eve - What's worse the slaughter or the aftermath?, as Livia sends Mum a message.

8. Them Bones, Them Bones - Xena has an Alien moment.....phew it was only a dream/premonition.

7.Antony and Cleopatra - The fights are pretty violent especially the last one, where Brutus meets a gruesome end after his throat has an argument with Gabby's knife

6. Adventures in the DSin trade II - Xena offs the head Amazons in a variety of inventive and painful ways. Poor Cyane, skewered!

5. Who's Gurkhan? - Xena is tortured at the hands of Gurkhan. Nasty! 4. Ides of March - A classic scene, as Gabby goes from peace-loving pacifist to one-woman killing machine. I know which one I prefer!

3. The Way - Two bits in this one. Xena/Kali stabs Indrjit in the face with a knife that's impaled in her own hand! But the winner, Xena gets both arms chopped off. Eeuuww!

2. The Bitter Suite - Gabby goes for a cross-country run the hard way! All the more shocking as it's her soul-mate doing the deed.

1. A Friend in Need 2 - At number one, could it be anything else? Gabrielle discovers the strung up, naked, headless body of Xena. Dry retching and (one too many?) shots of the neck area follow. Yuk!

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