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Top Ten Arguments Between XENA Fans
Contributed by Gab and Sapph(again)

Gab and Sapph come through again, with another great top ten. Things us fans just CANNOT agree on!

10. Did Gabby and Perdy-boy do the deed in Return of Callisto????

9. Was the show about Xena's path to redemption, or Gab's growth into a great warrior and bard?

8. Season 5 was pants. Or was it?????

7.Chakram to the head: necessary to save Eve's life from a possessed sidekick or Xena being a tad excessive?

6. Long-haired Gabby or Short-haired Gabby?

5. Season 3's The Rift - who's fault was it then?

4. Joxer!!!

3. Rob Tapert - inspirational genius who gave us the best show ever seen on TV, or evil spawn of the devil who ripped our dreams apart?

2. The ending of the show - was A Friend in Need great TV or a betrayal of 6 years of emotional investment in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS?

1. Subbers v. Shippers. (That's Xena/Gabrielle fans vs Xena/Ares fans.) A great area of debate, even though those Ares/Xena 'shippers have it SO wrong!!!

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