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Welcome to my UK Xena Page, that will hopefully (surprise, surprise!) give a UK slant.
Here in the UK, Xena:Warrior Princess is still a cult show as it is tucked away on a satellite channel and the relatively new and still least watched, Channel 5.

July 12th 1997 saw Xena:Warrior Princess' debut on UK terrestrial TV.
Saturday January 10th 1998 saw the start of Series Three of Xena:Warrior Princess on Sky One at 6pm, June 6th concluded the series.
Saturday 12th September 1998, series two arrived on terrestrial UK tv.
Saturday 9th January 1999, series four began on Sky tv, concluding May 29th 1999.

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29th July 1999

Did you catch Lucy Lawless on the ITV Comedy Awards back in December? A brief but funny appearance. Well as I now have a TV card - although it is playing up a bit - I have lots of pictures and the transcript right here!
Important news, The Symposium that was to feature Alexandra Tydings and Claire Stansfield on September 3/4 has had to be cancelled as Ms Tydings has been asked to go to New Zealand to film two Xena episodes. Lucy Lawless' pregnancy has meant a bit of shuffling around I believe. A shame, but unavoidable. For more details, check out the By The Gods website.

Once again XENA got an Emmy nomination in the music category. Joe Lo Duca's score for Devi is the nominated one. Scandalous that it is only music and costumes(I think) that they are eligible for due to the US network/syndication business. Anyway, good luck to Joseph Lo Duca.

The very latest news from the Xena set in New Zealand comes from the Entertainment Tonight web site where there is an interview with the pregnant Lucy Lawless. BEWARE - Season 5 SPOILERS!!
Screen grabs of the ET interview are available on MaryDs Aussie Xena site- THE number one Xena site!

Excellent news - according to Gareth, Universal are giving Xena:Warrior Princess a UK Video release!! 16th August should see the first tape with Sins of the Past and Chariots of War released. Expect a Star Trek style monthly release schedule...

NEW!! I have added some scans of the UK Maxim photos from this magazine. It's out now, and some of the photos are different.
More excellent scans at this site

More shopping news
I bought my new Topps trading cards this week. The third set of Xena trading cards are once again very nice - good quality pictures. Look out for extra chromes and transparent plastic cards to collect.

Forbidden Planet has 8 new Xena Toy Biz figures in stock!! Four 6inch figures; a Callisto and ROC as Hope from Sacrifice, Gabrielle and the child Hope, a Debt Xena and a standard Xena. Incidentally, the Gabrielle is in that sheet from the beginning of The Bitter Suite, but I guess you have to drag it around yourself and get out your red felt tips for authenticity!!
The 12inch figures include an Amazon Queen Gabrielle, Ares and a Xena the Conqueror from Armageddon Now. They still look like Barbies to me.
The newest CULT TIMES SPECIAL#10 is one to look out for. Feisty Females is the theme and there is a significant Xena content to the magazine including a 4 season episode guide and a poster. I couldn't get one in the shops. There is a very good online ordering facility at Costs just the price of the magazine and 80p postage.

SCI-FI TV magazine for July/Aug has a really good interview with Renee O'Connor where she talks about directing, her haircut and Gabrielle's development. There is a transcript available at MaryDs site

SPECTRUM magazine has a lengthy Bruce Campbell feature this month.

The fourth Xena Soundtrack CD was released on June 1st on Varese Sarabande, and includes music from The Debt and also series four episodes.
It should be available in the UK now on Varese Sarabande, VSD-6031.

Read Neil Ross' excellent review of the 4th CD (SCANS OF THE SLEEVE NOW ADDED!)

trouble makerThe episode The Way, will not be seen in the UK and worldwide as Renaissance Pictures have released a statement saying that as a result of Hindu protests about the depiction of Krishna they are pulling it from circulation. Read the whole story at this web site
If you would like to sign the online petition to protest about the banning then go right here.

On 18-19th September 1999, there is the STARFURY 99 Con, which has BRUCE CAMPBELL, TED RAIMI and ROBERT TREBOR as guests!
Do visit the web sites for more details and try and support this UK event..

New to this site - my new scanner means I have some lovely new pics on my Images Page.
The Santa Monica Con Report also has new pictures from Fran.
All S4 reviews posted- up to Deja Vu All Over Again(11/7/99)
Don't forget to vote using my quizlet - now updates with a new question.

Check out the Viewing Figures, and the new Series Two Ratings , including the show's HIGHEST EVER UK rating!

ArgoTrot along and visit Argo's Guide to Greece

Season 5 rumours and gossip This page totally revamped for S5 news.
My Season 4 episode guide is available.

Dear Lila
well, now Xena isn't the woman she was! What a traumatic few weeks I have had. You'll never believe the latest. Xena is now trapped in the body of the evil psycho who killed my husband! Yeah, it's all true! I think we shouild be on Oprah or Jerry Springer. As usual it is far too complicated to explain, but now there are two skinny(ish) blondes here, and I don't mean Argo!

"No! Don't say a word, I just KNOW these eye shades will catch on in a few years time, you'll see!"

Sky One

A busy week ahead! Sky One are showing episodes daily at 10am during the summer. This is as well as Wednesday evenings at 8pm. This weeks schedule:-

Monday 26th - Callisto
Tuesday 27th - Altared States
Wednesday 28th - Is There a Doctor in the House?
Thursday 29th - Return of Callisto
Friday 30th - Warrior..Princess..Tramp

Wednesdays 8pm episode is Ten Little Warlords. Phew!

One not to miss is this Saturday's Hercules, featuring Renee O'Connor, Hudson Leick, Kevin Smith and Bruce Campbell. For Those of you Just Joining Us is another like last seasons Yes Virginia, there is a Hercules, where the stars play members of the production staff. Bruce Campbell IS Rob Tapert, Hudson Leick IS Liz Friedman etc etc. In this episode, Rob Tapert takes his staff to a sort of summer camp, where the counsellor is Sunny Day(Renee O'Connor). A very funny one.

Channel 5

No Xena next Saturday - one of Channel 5's "wonderful" theme weekends about dangerous animals or something. However, there are TWO Renee O'Connor tv movies and Alexandra Tydings(Aphrodite) in Red Show Diaries.

Tuesday 27th has a rubbish film called Sworn to Vengeance in which Renee appears for a few seconds only, however, you may try and spot her. It's on at 9.50pm I believe.
Of more interest is Follow the River on Wednesday at 9pm. Starring Sheryl Lee, Renee is VERY irritating! She does have a proper role though.
Thursday is the Red Show Diary with Alexandra Tydings. Not sure of the time. Late probably.

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