XENA series Finale
Week of June 23, 2001

UK Starfury Convention
June 30-July 2

Top Ten Scenes that make you go..."YUK!"

10.The super sweet Callisto in Fallen Angel. So saccharine and too good to be true...weren`t you just waiting for that evil grin. Good Cally is just no good!!

9.Xena amputates a leg in Is There a Doctor in the House. Amazing what you can do with a sword and shield...hands up who closed their eyes or winced when Xena chopped?!

8.Joxer at the end of Comedy of Eros. OK, I might be puzzling a few more people, but I hate his stupid cow eyed look at the end of this ep. Made me want to punch him in the mouth...eyuk!


Lucy Lawless to appear in Season 9 of The X Files
July 30th 2001

Exciting news for XENA and X FILES fans, it was reported today that Lucy Lawless has been signed up to appear in the first episodes of the 9th Season of the popular FOX network show. There are no details yet about what sort of role she will have, and initially it will be just for two episodes
[...Read more on this story]

July 30 - UK News
UK reruns on Sky One at 12noon this week are:
Tuesday - A Solstice Carol
Wednesday - Here She Comes, Miss Amphipolis
Thursday - Destiny
Friday - The Quest

August 6th sees the release of the first half of the Season 4 boxset from Universal Playback.
Pre-order from Blackstar for 22.94 + P&P

July 29
Read a transcript of the ARGO Awards presented at The Palace on Saturday right here

July 24
Try out my new Online Xena Quiz. Just for fun. Let me know if there are any problems.

This Saturday sees the ARGO Awards ceremony. Its happening at the WHOOSH Palace, a pretty cool chat site if you haven't been. You'll need to go and download the chat software.
The ARGO Awards are the Xenaverse's very own version of the Oscars. The votes have been cast and now it's time to find out what we, the fans, thought was the creme de la creme of the 6th Season. This year's ARGO's are being hosted by Whoosh!'s own Laura Sue Dean and each award will be presented by fans from around the Xenaverse. (Maybe even me!)

Saturday, July 28, 6:00pm EST / 3:00pm PST North America
Saturday, July 28, 11:00pm United Kingdom
Sunday, July 29, 12:00am Europe (Spain & Germany)
Sunday, July 29, 8:00am Eastern Australia
Sunday, July 29, 10:00am New Zealand

July 22 - Site Updates and News
I have added scans from the latest XENA magazine to the Articles Page. You can read the thoughts of actress Alison Bruce and writer Joel Metzger. Also set reports from Many Happy Returns and Soul Possession
Also in case you didn't hear, the Titan Xena Magazine will be finishing with issue 24. Something to do with the 2 year licence being up, and with the show ending, another 2 years seems unlikely. Just one more thing that is ending...

July 22 - UK News
This weekend's Midlands Xenafest raised the fantastic total of 1874.10 for Amyloidosis Research. An amazing amount from a gathering of only about 60 people. Thanks to all who attened and contributed. Xenafans are the best!
On UK tv This Week
Tuesday to Friday, Sky One at 12noon are season 2 reruns. Next week we have Giant Killer (again..groan!), Return of Callisto, Warrior Princess Tramp and Intimate Stranger. Also, Friday at 7pm, don't forget Cleopatra 2525 on Channel 5.

Scans from the Brand New CD..
A closer look at the New XENA cd.
July 18th 2001

I got my XENA Sountrack CD yesterday, and have scanned the CD booklet for you to have a closer look. Once again, brilliant music, but hardly any information about the tracks. An episode listing for all those Bonus Cues and Special Requests. Rather odd that the songs from Here She Comes..Miss Amphipolis have been re-recorded with Ted Raimi rather than Robert Trebor singing them too. A full review will be appearing soon.
[View the CDs Page and see the scans...]

July 15 - XENA magazine #22 out now.

Issue 22 of the XENA magazine popped through my letterbox on Saturday. Featuring even MORE spoilers for the finale on the cover! This issue has a very good report and photos from the Pasadena Con, chat with XENA S6 writer Joel Metzger, actors Anthony Ray Parker and Alison Bruce, an in depth feature on The Bitter Suite, a look at fathers in the Xenaverse, and a feature on that S5 "classic", God Fearing Child. There are set reports from Many Happy Returns and Soul Possession and the usual news round up, although not sure about this bit:
"XENA's concluding episode went down a storm with fans and critic alike, and has been heralded as an overwhelmingly successful series finale.."
Unless they mean something else by "went down a storm"....

July 15 - Site Updates
Spent a bit of time updating this site further. Yes, I know still quite a bit to do, but the Multimedia Page has a nice new Xena WinAmp skin, there's a new Top Ten and I have been further updating the Cast and Crew Page, where I have added details on ALL the directors now!

July 12 - Another Emmy Nod for Joe!
XENA composer Joseph LoDuca has been nominated for another Emmy award. Joe scooped the gong last year for his music for the episode, Fallen Angel. This year, its that atmospheric score for The Rheingold that has been nominated. Joe is up against two Voyager episode (including the finale), The Simpsons and The West Wing finale where everyone got shot!
Unfortunately, no other nominations for XENA:WARRIOR PRINCESS and BUFFY got a big fat zero nominations this year too. How come they nominate the exact same actors every year?

On a similar theme, the 6th XENA cd, featuring Joe LoDuca's music is available now in the US, think it is coming soon to the UK.

July 11 - UK News
A few things for UK fans to look out for. Firstly, XENA Season 6 airing on Sky One on Sundays at 5pm is suffering quite heavy cuts once again. While it is great to finally get S6, its annoying to miss such crucial scenes as Xena showing Gabrielle how to take off the pinch in Haunting of Amphipolis.
Also in TV news, Friday July 20th sees Cleopatra 2525 start on Channel 5 at 7pm. Lets hope C5 show a bit of faith in the show.

DVD fans, it looks like season one of XENA is to be released in September. Blackstar have 2 DVD box sets available for pre-order! Don't forget, Season 4 is out on video in the UK in two box sets soon too. Part 1 is out on August 6, with part 2 following in October.

More UK news, next years Starfury Con has had a change of date and venue. It is now on 12th to 14th July 2002 at the Heathrow Park Hotel, London, England with confirmed guests, Hudson Leick (Callisto), Melinda Clarke (Velaska), Claire Stansfield (Alti) and Tim Omundsen (Eli)

July 8 - Site Updates
Friend in Need Responses
If you've seen the season finale, A Friend in Need, I am sure you'll have an opinion. My review has been added to the S6 reviews page, which has MOST of S6 reviewed. I have also included reviews from some other people.
Read my Friend in Need Response here

I am still in the process of moving files from tht old Fandom site, and added links to the Multimedia Section of the site today. Wallpaper and videos added so far.

July 4 - Photos from the UK Starfury Convention
The Starfury Con last weekend was a fabulous event once again, and I will be working on my con report soon. You might want to have a look at some of the photos I have, including Ted Raimi in a dress and William Gregory Lee in his underwear! Hudson Leick (and the audience) managed to get 3 men into Hudson's dresses...Ted, Karl Urban and Starfury organiser Sean Harry. Bet they don't do THAT at a Creation con....!
See ALL of the Photos - July 4 Everything loaded up now.

Vote in the 2001 ARGO Awards!
June 27th 2001

They've been going for several years now, THE top awards in the Xenaverse. Your chance to vote for the best of Season Six! The simulcast awards ceremonies are always fun. You have until July 7th to vote...

June 24 - Xenaverse News
Well US fans have seen it all now - the big dramatic finale! However, some of us haven't and are still trying to avoid spoilers...not an easy task right now!
Itching to discuss it? Try the Xenaville Episodes Forum

Yahoo are still running their auction of XENA props - although not for charity any more. Loads from the final episode. Go to Yahoo Auctions

Visit the Original Xenaville UK Site

Dear Lila
You know the saying be careful what you wish for? Well since me and Xena have kind of stopped with all the saving the world and being filmed while we do it, I have been trying to find something to do. Its wierd being unemployed.
I feel a bit odd too, keep having the strangest food cravings. Pickled croasis and raw squid sound pretty appealing to me. And I think I am putting on weight. Wonder what's going on?
Ah well, sure its nothing too crucial...

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