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US Convention
Cherry Hill, NJ
August 25-26

Top Ten XENA and X FILES links!

10. The abduction of Mulder's sister Samantha was the catalyst for his search for the truth. The killing of Xena's brother Lyceus was what started her off on her path as a warrior.

9. William B Davis playes the Cigarette Smking Man on the X FILES and was Lucy Lawless' drama teacher years ago.

8. Both shows have an dynamic, hands-on creator - Chris Carter on the X FILES and Rob Tapert on XENA.


Pre-Order your XENA fan club kit#5
3rd October 2001
Creation Entertainment, who run the XENA fan club, are now taking preorders for the next fan club kit. These are usually very nice, and this years kit includes photos, a poster a rather naff membership card and certificate, all in a pretty box. The things REALLY worth having are the quarterly newsletter, The Chakram, and the video, which includes the very funny Season 6 bloopers, plus more of the documentary of the filming of Who's Gurkhan?. In a further money making venture, their is a GOLD edition of the fan club kit - for another $20 you can get a video about the making of the season finale A Friend in Need.
No more news on the Pasadena video, sadly.

Head over to the Creation site to order or find out more

Lucy Lawless signed scripts on EBAY
3rd October 2001
These scripts were given by Lucy to her school Marist Primary in St. Albert, Auckland, New Zealand to be auctioned off to raise money for the school. One hundred percent of the monies raised by these scripts will go to Marist Primary. The winners will make their checks out to Marist Primary PTFA. The URLs for the first two items are:

Lucy Lawless in X Files Promo..
1st October 2001
The promo for the Season 9 premiere of The X Files - still scheduled for November 4th - is available online now, and features a brief glimpse of Lucy Lawless - in familiar wet-look mode that XENA fans know well!(left) You can download the promo - it's a Real Player file and is only 1.1mb
Download it here...

Charity Cruise for NY Fire Crews
1st October 2001
Live in the New York area? Want to meet up with some XENA stars and help raise money for one of the fire crews hit by the World Trade Center tragedy? Read this message from the organisers about a Charity Boat Brunch Cruise on November 3rd in Manhattan.
[...Read this story]

Sorbo Slags Off XENA!!
27th September 2001
Former Hercules star Kevin Sorbo - interviewed in SFX Magazine - took the opporutunity to attack the success of XENA in a big way!
He said:
In that show they had two issues that separated it from Hercules: one, it was heavily into lesbianism, as people know, and number two: it was heavily into violence. It was far more violent than Hercules was. She killed 20 people an episode, Hercules killed two people in seven seasons! So it became much darker.."
As well as attacking the content of the show, the depiction of Gabrielle ("Renee O'Connor was actually a female version of Iolaus, you know") and Rob Tapert, Sorbo also whined about the backroom staff.
"Xena took all my directors, they took half my writing staff, they took everybody to go and work for that show. They took half my crew!"
Read more from the SFX article scanned by Mark

Fan Fiction Virtual Season 7 starts
25th September 2001
Suffering XENA new season withdrawal? Well a group of fans have got together to produce a virtual season 7, that continues the story where A Friend in Need 2 left off.
Each episode is written as a screenplay and the authors plan to produce new episode each Monday.
Check out the XENA Virtual Season 7 page

More Details on XENA Trading Cards..
20th September 2001
The sixth set of XENA trading cards from Rittenhouse, due on on November 14th look like being another good quality set. Details of the subsets and the actors autographing this time are available, and this time you can look out for signed cards by people like Hudson Leick, Adrienne Wilkinson, Renee O'Connor and Lucy Lawless, but also less expected actors like Kathryn Morris(Najara), Willa O'Neill (Lila), Danielle Cormack (Ephiny) and Paris Jefferson (Athena). Intriguing sounding subsets inlude 'Busting Loose' and 'Wet, Wicked and Wild', both of which are Xena and Gabrielle sets!
Visit the SciFi Hobby site for a full checklist of the cards.

17th September 2001
Today saw the release of the DVD box set part 1 in the UK, for Region 2 and 4 DVD viewers. Released by Universal Playback, the set consists of three nicely packaged discs with 4 episodes per disc, but absolutely nil in the way of extras (Well, just found a feeble little image gallery on the third disc..) Most annoying is the choice of episodes. Fairly simple you would think, episodes 1 to 12. Nope, disc one contains Sins of the Past, Hooves & Harlots, The Black Wolf and Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts, disc two has Athens City Academy, Fistful of Dinars, Warrior..Princess and Mortal Beloved while the final disc of this set has Royal Couple of Thieves, The Prodigal, Altared States and Chariots of War. However, the quality is as good as is possible considering the first season was shot on 16mm film, and the set is reasonably priced at around 30.
Look out for other UK releases soon:
- October 1st - Season4 box set part 2
- November 5th - Season One DVD box set part 2
- Buy your XENA DVD box set 1 now, at www.blackstar.co.uk

Final XENA Magazine released..
13th September 2001
Titan's Official XENA Magazine limps to an end with issue 24 - the very last one - released in the UK now. While the magazine has always carried interviews not seen in many places, they clearly were scraping the barrel this month - a very disappointing final issue. Apart from a report from the UK Starfury Convention and a chat with Ted Raimi, the other interviews are with ex-XENA writer Steven L Sears and Eric Close(who was in Hercules and the Lost Kingdom but doesn't mention Renee O'Connor at all.) Otherwise, its very much a filler issue, with a few staff articles, LOTS of adverts for other Titan magazines, and the usual letters. DON'T be fooled by that cover - Lucy Lawless does NOT talk to the mag, they just report her words in a few recent TV interviews.
Finally, there is a round up of XENA web sites, and XENAVILLE gets a mention!! Hurray! Shame they used the graphic of the old site I haven't used for about 3 years...kind of typical. So long Titan XENA mag...

Lucy talks to ET about The Xena Files!
11th September 2001
There is a transcript and video clip of Lucy Lawless' appearance on Entertainment Tonight on September 11th on the ET web site that is an essential for Xena and X Files fans. Lucy gives a few spoilers about her role on The X Files including the news that she spends most of her time half naked! She also talks about what its like on the set of The X Files and has a few words to say about any return as Xena...
Get right on over to the ET web site!

New Photo of Lucy Lawless in The X Files
8th September 2001
USA Today on Friday 7th September had a small photo of Lucy Lawless along with Annabeth Gish (Agent Monica Reyes) and Gillian Anderson (Agent Dana Scully) in the new series of The X Files that begins airing in November. The photo doesn't give too much away - I'm not even sure whether is it a still from an episode or a posed publicity photograph. The caption under the photo read:
"Where's Mulder? Annabeth Gish, Gillian Anderson and Lucy Lawless sans David Duchovny in X-Files."

Lucy Lawless is definitely appearing in the first two episodes and possibly more, although details of her role are still unconfirmed.

Tsianina Joelson in FHM
8th September 2001
The US edition of FHM magazine has a photo feature on Tsiania Joelson (Varia) which she DIDN'T mention at the Cherry Hill Con! Check out the scans online right here.

NEW Rittenhouse Trading Cards Announced
3rd September 2001
Hot on the heels of the last set of trading cards from Rittenhouse, November sees the release of the (presumably) last set of Season 6 XENA trading cards. As usual there is a basic 72 card set, and several extra cards to collect. Autographs this time will include Renee O'Connor, Lucy Lawless, Hudson Leick, Alexandra Tydings and others. There are also special sets of chase cards and costume cards. A must for all trading card fans.
Read more details and find out about ordering from Rittenhouse

Cherry Hill Convention Report and Photos
2nd September 2001
I have scanned a load of my photos from the Cherry Hill Convention, where Alexandra Tydings, Claire Stansfield, Tsianina Joelson and Vicky Pratt appeared on August 25-26th. There is also a report so find out what you missed!
Read the con report and see the photos here

September 1
Back from the US, and lots of photos from the Cherry Hill Con to scan, news on the new Rittenhouse Trading Cards and other snippets. Check back tomorrow!

Visit the Xena Virtual Season 7 Page!

Archived Main Page June/July 2001

Archived Main Page April/May 2001

Visit the Original Xenaville UK Site

Dear Lila
Sorry I'm a bit late with this scroll - we've been in Rome mixing with nutty Emperors, randy Gods and delinquent daughters...I think there must be something in the water in Rome. None of their leaders seems to be, well...normal! And how come they ALL eventually become obsessed with Xena! OK, so it's the pot calling the kettle black, but there certainly seem to be some wierdos around. Anyway, once again Xena and I saved the day. Well, Xena did...I helped. A bit.

Dear Lila
Don't the years just FLY by! Yep, another year older for you. Me? Well I slept through another one! So you're even older than me now...(ha, ha!)
Last time it was ice, this time it was fire..an eternal flame surrounded me. Yes, the freakiest things DO happen to me don't they. Still, at least it was warmer in there... And after a year's worth of winks, my hair is long again. Don't like it, think I'll pinch Xena's chakram for a trim as soon as we get off these winged horses. Sorry for the wobbly writing...

Dear Lila
"Lets have a nice trip to the woods, bit of canoeing, catch up with Virgil," says Xena, "it'll be a nice break.."
HA!!! What a liar she is! Our canoe gets attacked by wierd water guys (why DID they attack us in water?) a scrap with a bloke in a bear skin (looked pretty flea bitten too), I get chucked into a raging river and nearly drown, freeze my arse off in a cave for hours, get dragged up a cliff backwards by my 'supposed' best friend who then hands me over to the cannibals! Then I get basted in THE most disgusing sauce ever (reminded me of Granny' notorious Gooey Goosey Gravy) before having the crucial role in Xena's plan to defeat these people while having to battle hungry cannibals eyeing me in a way I found most disconcerting. Don't think they wer after my body in the way the usual pervy warlords are...
Wonder if we will EVER have a nice quiet week...

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