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Dear Lila
Wow, is it really 10 years since I began my scrolls! Seems like only yesterday I was sitting at home with nothing to do but watch the vegetables. How is Perdicas by the way. Oops, forgot. Dead. Kind of like other people..who shall remain nameless! (You know who you are Xena, and I'm STILL waiting for you to come back!)
Anyway, I've met lots of great people along the way, and only some of them wanted to kill me. I think Xena had a way of bringing people together - sometimes violently, but always memorably!
Bye for now

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Spitting Image
People who look like People...
June 4th 2001

Which is Renee and which is angels!?

When I showed my photos from Pasadena to my incredibly bored family (140 photos of people that weren't interested in!) my brother yawned his way through them, until he got to my blurry pictures of Renee O'Connor, whereupon he exclaimed, "It's Dido, you didn't tell me she was singing there! And she's pregnant!!"

For those of you not up on the music scene, Dido is a British female singer who is doing well right now - she did the tuneful bits on Eminem's hit single "Stan". Of course, I had to look, and I think I agree there is a bit of a resemblance.

Which got me thinking about one of my pet subjects - how a couple of other Xena people look just like other stars. However, I have yet to convince anyone else about this. So, I present, my photo evidence right here!

Alexandra Tydings and Bridget Fonda: twins??

which dark and deadly gal is which?
The first time I saw Alexandra Tydings on Hercules I thought she looked like actress Bridget Fonda - daughter of Peter Fonda, niece of Jane and granddaughter of Henry. She starred in "Single White Female", "The Assassin" and "Jackie Brown" amonst others.
So am I crazy...? (Don't answer that....)
By the way, that's Bridget Fonda on the left and Alexandra Tydings on the right.

Robert Tapert and Greg Germann: Would Lucy know which was her hubby??

If you were Lucy Lawless, which one would you fancy?
Greg Germann plays Richard Fish in "Ally McBeal". A very funny character. Again, when I first saw this show, I was struck by a resemblance. Greg German is JUST like XENA producer and husband to Lucy Lawless, Robert Tapert. OK, so he is little skinnier in the cheekbones, but they could be twins!! Surely!
Greg Germann on the left, Rob Tapert on the right..

Anyone got any other XENA looky likeys??

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