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The Return of Spitting Image..
More People who look like People...
January 13th 2002

Way back in June, I did a feature on XENA actors who looked like other celebrities, and its taken me a while, but here is part two! You may disagree, but *I* think these XENA people are the spitting image of other stars....

Who is the more gorgeous??

Vicki Pratt and Legolas: twins??

I recently saw that fantastic Lord of the Rings movie, and was very taken with the extremely handsome elf, Legolas but he reminded me of someone very strongly. When I got home I realised who..he could be a male Vicki Pratt! The long blonde hair, the buffness..yes!

Who can sing better??

Adrienne Wilkinson and Sporty Spice: sisters?

When Adrienne Wilkinson first appeared on XENA, it wasn't just Lucy Lawless' eyes and Hudson Leick's build she had, that hair was PURE Sporty Spice! In fact, its pretty spooky! Are they perhaps related?

Oh, cute!

William Gregory Lee and Matt Damon: brothers?

William Gregory Lee who played Virgil said himself that he often is confused with a few other actors, so I have 2 lookalikes for him. Firstly Matt Damon, star of Good Will Hunting and The Talented Mr Ripley. He and Greg certainly share a floppy haired cuteness...


William Gregory Lee and Brad Pitt? Maybe....

Another celebrity Greg looks like is the gorgeous Brad Pitt. Well, he come close, but not quite as hunky, but there is a resemblance don't you think??

Now a few dafter ones.....

I want to play with THEM!

Callisto and Barbie: Genetically Identical?

Think about it, skinny as a rake, unnaturally blonde, inflexible and single minded, plays with girls.. yep, they are one in the same.

Hercules IS He-Man..

Hercules IS He-Man!

Look at those biceps, the flowing locks, the big sword. Is any man more "HE" than Hercules?? I think not....

Now these 2 ARE identical..

Vince and Graham Norton: Genuinely Spooky..

OK, getting silly now, but Vince is a regular on the message boards here at XENAVILLE, and you tell me. Isn't he the SPITTING IMAGE of UK camp chat show host Graham Norton?? That's Graham Norton on the left and Vince on the right by the way.

I can see the resemblance.

Early Gabrielle and a Chipmunk!: Separated at Birth??

Now now, ROCfans, calm down! Where's your sense of humour...? Can't you see the resemblance? The cute little chubby cheeks, the colouring, the, hang on, didn't mean that.......
Gabrielle is the one on the left by the way.

Spitting Image 1
Spitting Image 3

Dear Lila
You know, travelling the world really IS over rated! Lila, cross Japan or Japa or whatever it is called OFF your list of places to visit! Can't say I am at all impressed by their hospitality. Also, it's a good job mum isn't around cos she would be LIVID because I got a huge tattoo! Yeah, daring of me or what. Leant to throw the chakram, did acrobatics, rock climbing and defeated a mighty (huh!) Samauri warrior three times. Oh yeah, and Xena's snuffed it....

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