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Spitting Image Part III
More Dubious Doppelgangers...
August 19th 2002

Yes, back by popular demand, it's the latest installment in the XENA lookalikes section. If you haven't seen these pages before (and why not??!) then do have a look at the Orginal Lookalikes page and the Second Lookalikes page

So, first up are two XENA actresses, Melinda Clarka and Musetta Vander: Are they in fact, the SAME person?? No joking, they are VERY similar! Melinda on the left and Musetta on the right

Melinda played mad Amazon Velasca, Musetta played Athena's favourite girl, Ilainus. I realised how amazingly identical they were when I couldn't remember which one played the praying mantis teacher in Buffy.(It was Musetta Vander) I've seen both actors at conventions, and they are both tall, slim, long dark hair, striking looking...are they perhaps related?
Here they are in their XENA roles...try to ignore the eye shadow.

Ted Raimi and Peter Parker: twins??

But can Ted climb up walls?

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man was notable for appearances by Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi and Lucy Lawless, but also for a VERY familiar look to the nerdish Peter Parker, pre-spider bite. Anyone who has seen Ted Raimi at conventions will recognise the thick glasses and geeky I wonder WHERE Sam got the inspiration?

Russell Crowe and Marton Csokas: Blood Brothers?

Brutish and handsome, but who is who?

Marton Csokas who played Borias on XENA always had a certain aggressive masculinity about him. Just like Hollywood flavour of the month Russell Crowe who is also a Kiwi. The burly, brooding looks and powerful presence is similar too. Hopefully Marton doesn't have a crap rock band though...

Donald Pleasance and the guard from Locked Up & Tied Down: Spookily Similar

creepy guys!

OK, so I don't know his name, but when I first saw the episode, Locked Up & Tied Down, I thought the nasty guard looked like the British character actor and horror movie specialist Donald Pleasance. Is guard guy Donald's long lost brother?

Bruce Campbell and Buzz Lightyear: Clones?

Identical...kind of

I remember years ago reading some Hollywood wit writing about Geena Davis as looking like a cross between Grace Kelly and Daffy Duck! Made me smile..and I could see what they meant. I've also heard Bruce Campbell described as a cross between Errol Flynn and Buzz Lightyear. Well, I didn't QUITE agree with the Errol Flynn analogy, apart from a certain dashing quality Bruce has. But I liked the Buzz Lightyear's the chin I think. That's Bruce on the right by the way

Xena and Chyna: Another lookalike?

It's like looking in a mirror...before I've brushed my hair!

I have had a couple of people email me that they thought the female WWF wrestler Chyna looked like Xena. Maybe Meg, Leah and Diana have competition...and I bet she could kick all their arses! (Apart from Xena's of course....) What do you think? Uncannily similar?

Xena and Robin of Sherwood: Who is prettier?

It's like looking in a mirror...AFTER I've brushed my hair!

Someone else suggested this one - and has had a go at a lookalikes page - take a look right here, it is excellent! Michael Praed might even be prettier than Lucy Lawless.....

The Horde and the Orcs: Forged in the heat of battle?

That Peter Jackson..piched all his ideas from XENA

Who can forget the fearsome Horde from the episode The Price. Clearly not Peter Jackson. When he filmed Lord of the Rings he clearly nicked the idea STRAIGHT from XENA! (OK, so I know the Orcs were in books ages ago, but it sounds better saying XENA did it first!) Scary looking, fabulous fighters, non speaking ... can you spot the difference?

Dear Lila
ah, the joys of summer! Camping out under the stars, the light sea breeze, feeling the sun on your face. Don't you just love summertime. Hope you are well.....still not that much happening for me right now. Xena's still dead (unless you've been reading that Subtext Season 7 or the other Virtual Season 7. Or ANY other Post-AFIN fanfiction!)
I've been feeling dramatic recently. There's this English playwright guy, Shakyspear or something? Anyway I've landed a role as a Lady. Stop laughing Lila! I get to be pretty nasty too...I think. Wonder if I can use my sais? Or maybe the chakram. "Out damned spot, or I'll chop you into little pieces with my chakram!" Yeah, much better....I'm sure he won't mind a few re-writes.

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