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Director: Bruce Seth Green
Writer: Steven L Sears

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Nathaniel Lees (Manus)
Sydney Jackson (Storekeeper)
Desmond Kelley (Elkton)
Polly Baigent (Xena double)

Xena must save Gabrielle from becoming the bride/sacrifice to Morpheus, God of Dreams after she is taken captive by Manus, a priest of Morpheus who wants her for her innocence. Manus puts Gabrielle through a series of challenges, trying to get her to kill and thus become Morpheus` bride. Xena must travel through her own dreamstate, fighting personal demons, to reach Gabby in time. Meanwhile, Gabrielle fights for time and her survival. An excellent episode that has lots af action and humour.

Notes: The episode begins and ends with an interesting discussion between Xena and Gabrielle about what it means to fight. The words are ones that crop up again in the episode The Deliverer, when Gabrielle DOES lose her blood innocence. The shot of Gabrielle from the opening scene with Xena`s sword is the one that has the "also starring Renee O`Connor" credit from series 2 onwards. Polly Baigent is a regular double for Lucy Lawless and appears in a few more episodes in later seasons.

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