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The Prodigal

Director: John T Kretchmer
Writer: Chris Manheim

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Willa O'Neill (Lilla)
Tim Thomerson (Meleager)

After getting spooked, Gabrielle takes a break by going to her home village where they have hired a drunken warrior to protect them. Another Lucy-light episode. We meet Gabrielle`s sister Lila again, who is no fan of the Warrior Princess. No sign of Gabrielle and Lila`s parents in this episode...wonder where they had gone? Meleager would return in S2`s The Execution. Lila has reappeared several times.

Meleager the Mighty, the generally Tipsy and Carousing Warrior-for-Hire, was not harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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