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Dirty Half Dozen

Director: Rick Jacobson
Writer: Steven L. Sears

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Kevin Smith (Ares)
Charles Mesure (Darnell)
Jon Brazier (Walsim)
Stephen Ure (Monlik)
Katrina Hobbs (Glaphyra)
Jonathon Roberts (Agathon)

Xena rounds up a bunch of cut throats to defeat an Ares worshipping warlord, who with Ares favour has aquired a special armour made from the metal of Hephaestos that is ultra hard and strong. Gabrielle`s new shorter outfit makes its debut as this was the first episode screened that was filmed as part of Season 3, The Furies and Been There, Done That were filmed along with Season 2. This meeting with some of Xena`s former associates is also another look at Gabrielle`s influence on Xena and vice versa.

This was the first episode proper of Season 3 as the first 2 had been filmed with season 2. It was the first appearance of Gabrielle's new mini-BGSB (Bilious Green Sports Bra)
Charles Mesure appeared in The Price and Fallen Angel. Stephen Ure was the Priest of the Flesh in Sacrifice. Jon Brazier was Tarsus in Vanishing Act.

Disclaimer : -
No convicts were reformed during the filming of this motion picture. Can`t we all just get along?

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