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Director: Garth Maxwell
Writer: Chris Manheim

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Timothy Omundson (Eli)

This is the first proper episode of the Indian arc, that has Xena and Gabrielle meet a street magician named Eli(Timothy Omundsen). After his assistant is seemingly possessed by demons, Gabrielle appears to heal her. The locals think she is a Devi - a heling deity, but then Gabrielle starts behaving rather oddly... Meanwhile Xena gets to know Eli and enlists him to help her and Gabrielle.

The disclaimer refers to dogs - Xena and Eli are chased by a pack of dogs at one point. Fans enjoyed the possessed evil Gabrielle and the lick she gave Xena. Renee O`Connor commented in the fan club magazine that this wasn`t as much fun as it might have been due to Lucy`s heavy Xena-tan make up.

What IS the name of that demon that possesses Gabrielle? Xena calls her Takarta and Tatarka. Listen carefully...

Disclaimer : -
In memory of woman`s best friend; Bear, Dodger, Kali, Samantha, Taffy, Bear.

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