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Paradise Found

Director: Rob Tapert
Writer: Chris Manheim

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Jeremy Roberts (Aiden)
Mervyn Smith (Gar)

Fantasy, Alice in Wonderland type episode which features more mysticism. The first of the India episodes, although you only know via a voice over at the start. Xena and Gabrielle are sheltering from a storm and enter a strange land (the Alice in Wonderland-like bit). There they meet Aiden, a man who seems strangely at peace with himself. Gabrielle takes to him and he does yoga with her and gets her to talk about her traumatic past with Hope. She feels more and more soothed. Meanwhile Xena is feeling more and more violent and aggressive. Something is not quite right....Snazzy costumes for Gab, plus THAT bath scene and massage!

Rob Tapert directs for only the second time. Look out for the ying and yang symbol bed. The rather awful rabbit teeth Xena sprouts at the end of the episode were apparently loved by Lucy Lawless. Hmm...

Disclaimer : -
Paradise was found but not necessarily embracced during the production of this motion picture.

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