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Coming Home

Director: Mark Beesley
Writer: Melissa Good

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Kevin Smith (Ares)
Adrienne Wilkinson (Eve)
Tsianina Joelson (Varia)
Sela Apera (Marga)

Opening episode of Season 6, and notable for being written by fanfiction author Melissa Good, this episode sees Ares appeal to Xena to help him regain his godhood, Meanwhile the Furies are out to get him...
A new character - an Amazon named Varia appears in this episode, along with some other Amazons.

As Xena, Gabrielle and Eve head towards Amazon land and a summons from Ares, they come across a battle - Amazons vs Ares warriors. Xena ans Gab dive in, peace loving Eve only steps in when Amazon Queen Marga is threatened. Meanwhile, we see the mortal Ares having problems being human. When Xena arrives, he asks her to help get him some Amazon ambrosia to regain his godhood. Xena becomes rather oddly aggressive, and is joined by Gabrielle who also seems a bit too ready for battle. It`s a trick of course, but a well disguised one. They are not Xena and Gabrielle, but furies, determined to drive Ares mad. Meanwhile, back at the Amazon camp, fiesty Amazon Varia tricks Eve into revealing that she is Livia - and Livia was NOT nice to the Amazons, killing them or selling them into slavery. They want to kill Eve, but Gabrielle and Xena won`t allow it, and the Amazons agree to wait til the battle with Ares is over. However, Ares goes really nutty and is ready to launch an all out war. The Amazons are also keen for a scrap. Xena has a plan. She lures Ares into a brutal first fight by an icy pool. When he beats her and she falls under the ice and apparently drowns, the furies leave Ares, only to get chakrammed! A distraught Ares is soon joined by Gabrielle and Eve who revive the frozen Xena. In a nice little final scene, Xena gives Ares a kiss - is that a goodbye kiss?

Sofrina`s synopsis
A few months after the battle on Mt. Olympus, Xena, Gabrielle and Eve aide a tribe of Amazons fighting to protect their land from Ares` army. Unbeknownst to all the Furies -- disguised as Xena and Gabrielle-- are driving Ares insane in a plot to destroy the Amazons and steal their ambrosia so that the Furies can become the new gods. Xena takes Ares on in a bid to shake his followers` loyalty, unmasking his mortal status, nearly drowning and proving once and for all that the chakram is more awesome than we know.

DISCLAIMER: Xena and Gabrielle`s psyches were not harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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