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5X01 The Unusual Suspects
wr. Vince Gilligan
dir. Kim Manners
The first meeting of Mulder and the Lone Gunmen is a lot of fun.

5X02 Redux I
wr. Chris Carter
dir. Kim Manners
Guess what? Mulder isn't dead!

5X03 Redux II
wr. Chris Carter
dir. Kim Manners
Guess what? Mulder still isn't dead! Scully feels better now.

5X04 Detour
wr. Frank Spotnitz
dir. Brett Dowler
People are disappering in Florida - beastie, Darkness Falls-type episode. GA sings! Badly.

5X05 Christmas Carol
wr. Vince Gilligan and John Shiban
dir. Peter Markle
Scully thinks she has found Melissa's daughter. No Mulder here but GA holds it together well.

5X06 Post Modern Prometheus
wr. Chris Carter
dir. Chris Carter
Black and White Frankenstein/Elephant Man type comedy story, I didn't like it that much. Mulder and Scully dance!

5X07 Emily
wr.Frank Spotnitz, Vince Gilligan and John Shiban
dir. Kim Manners
Part 2 of the Christmas Carol story, pretty good one.

5X08 Kitsunegari
wr. Vince Gilligan and Tim Minnear
dir. Daniel Sackheim
Robert Modell from Pusher escapes from prison. Good character; not brilliant but OK episode.

5X09 Schizogeny
wr. Jessica Scott and Mike Wollaegar
dir. Ralph Hemecker
Mulder and Scully help a teenager accused of murder. Pile of crap! The trees did it??

5X10 Chinga
wr. Stephen King and Chris Carter
dir.Kim Manners
Residents of a Maine coastal town are terrorized by a little girl and her doll. Scully is on her own in this Stephen King penned story that apparently Chris Carter wasn't happy with, hence the co-writer credit.

5X11 Kill Switch
wr. William Gibson and Tom Madox
dir. Rob Bowman
Sci-Fi Authors Gibson and Madox are the next celeb contributors as a sentient computer targets its creators for extinction. The Lone Gunmen return briefly in a pretty good ep- Scully kicks butt!

5X12 Bad Blood
wr. Vince Gilligan
dir. Cliff Bole
Mulder and Scully have different stories to tell after a suspected teen vampire is killed by one of the agents. Very funny and very enjoyable. Luke Wilson guest stars.

5X13 Patient X (1 of 2)
wr. Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz
dir.Kim Manners
Krycek returns (again!? I thought he was dead?) as Mulder and Scully investigate some mass killings that may have clues to the existance of ETs. More of that black oil and a return to Skyland mountains.

5X14 The Red and the Black (2 of 2)
wr. Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz
dir. Chris Carter
Mulder pursues the creature threatening Scully's life, whose existence could unwrap the ET conspiracy. Scully becomes the believer, Mulder the sceptic for a bit. Brief return for alien bounty hunter and another old "friend".

5X15 Travelers
wr. John Shiban and Frank Spotnitz
dir.Bill Graham
Mulder re-opens one of the first ever X Files that may involve his father. Darren McGavin, from Kolchak the Night Stalker makes an appearance-Chris Carter has been after him for a while. No Scully, slightly dull.

5X16 Mind's Eye
wr. Tim Minnear
dir. Kim Manners
Guest star Lili Taylor is good, but this story of a blind girl who can "see" murders is too much like the Madeline Stowe movie, Blink.

5X17 All Souls
wr. Frank Spotnitz and John Shiban
dir. Rob Bowman
Scully investigates the unexplained death of a young girl. Another test of faith (Catholic) for Scully, and a highly sceptical Mulder

5X18 The Pine Bluff Variant
wr. Frank Spotnitz and John Shiban
dir. Rob Bowman
Mulder and Scully look into a group of anti goverment terrorists. Not very X Files-ish, more thriller like.

5X19 Folie A Deux
wr. Vince Gilligan
dir.Rob Bowman
Mulder and Scully investigate a dellusional man who claims his boss is a monster! Mulder finally gets the straight jacket he has deserved for a while.

5X20The End
wr. Chris Carter
dir. RW Goodwin
Exec Producer Goodwin's last episode and the last to be filmed in Vancouver as production shifts to LA next year. Mulder meets an old flame as they investigate a young chess master who can read minds. Lots of old friends return

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