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7X01 The Sixth Extinction
Written by Chris Carter
Directed by Kim Manners
Mulder still sick, Scully out in the field. More Navajo writings, conspiracies, Diana Fowley and Cancer Man.

7X02 The Sixth Extinction part 2 - Amor Fati
Written by David Duchovny & Chris Carter
Directed by Michael Watkins
Mulder has visions of domestic bliss with Diana, while Scully tries to save him.

7X03 Hungry
Written by Vince Gilligan
Directed by Kim Manners
Is this the worst episode ever? If not, its close. Crap.

7X04 Millennium
Written by Vince Gilligan & Frank Spotnitz
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Crossover with the now defunct Millennium tv show, as Frank Black (Lance Henrickson) gets invoved in a case. The much hyped Mulder/Scully kiss is also a feature!

7X05 Rush
Written by David Amann
Directed by Robert Lieberman
Fairly standard fare as Mulder and Scully investigate kids that can more really REALLY fast.

7X06 The Goldberg Variation
Written by Jeffrey Bell
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
The luckiest man in the world appears in this light hearted adventure.

7X07 Orison
Written by Chip Johannessen
Directed by Rob Bowman
The return of Donnie Pfaster is another eerie and unsettling episode, as Scully is once again forced to face her dark fears. Still, she gets to be the heor too..

7X08 The Amazing Maleeni
Written by Vince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank Spotnitz Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Illusionists and dodgy magic in this entertaining episode

7X09 Signs and Wonders
WRITTEN BY: Vince Gilligan
DIRECTED BY: Michael Watkins

7X10 Sein und Zeit

7X11 Closure
WRITTEN BY: Jeffrey Bell, Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz
DIRECTED BY: Kim Manners

7X12 X Cops
WRITTEN BY: Vince Gilligan
DIRECTED BY: Michael Watkins
Mulder and Scully go Blair Watch as they join up with reality shop TV cops.

7X13 First Person Shooter
WRITTEN BY: William Gibson and Tom Maddox
DIRECTED BY: Chris Carter
A killing at a virtual reality gaming company brings in the Lone Gunmen and then Mulder and Scully. Hope were high for author William Gibson's contribution but the episode was not terribly innovative.

7X14 Theef
WRITTEN BY: Vince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank Spotnitz
DIRECTED BY: Kim Manners

7X15 En Ami
WRITTEN BY: William B Davis
DIRECTED BY: Rob Bowmans
Cigarette Smoking Man William B Davis wrote this backstory for CSM who take Scully on a trip with him. A different episode but no real answers!

7X16 Chimera
WRITTEN BY: David Amann

7X17 all things
WRITTEN BY: Gillian Anderson
DIRECTED BY: Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson's ambitious debut as a writer and director is weirdly surreal and rambling as Scully meets an old flame and is brought face to face with some of the choices she didn't make. Not wholly successful but an ambitious attempt.

7X18 Brand X
WRITTEN BY: Steven Maeda & Greg Walker
DIRECTED BY: Kim Manners
Killer cigarettes that Skinner investigates. Unmemorable.

7X19 Hollywood AD
WRITTEN BY: David Duchovny
DIRECTED BY: David Duchovny
One of the funniest episodes - although almost too over the top at times. Gary Shandling and Tea Leoni play the Hollywood version of Mulder and Scully as the duo tell the story of a pretty interesting case to a producer friend of Skinners. It is fun spotting the stars and Leoni's Scully impersonation is a giggle.

7X20 Fight ClubWRITTEN BY: Chris Carter
DIRECTED BY: Paul Shapiro
People are getting violent and beating each other up - badly. Amusing episode with a good guest turn by Kathy Griffin. Duchovny and Anderson's stunt doubles appear as FBI agents.

7X21 Je Souhaite
'I Wish..' is the translation of the title and Vince Gilligan's directorial debut tale of a modern day genie is pretty enjoyable. Good guest stars and a light hearted bit of fun.

7X22 Requiem
WRITTEN BY: Chris Carter DIRECTED BY: Kim Manners
The last regular Mulder/Scully episode as David Duchovny was not a full time cast member during season 8 and 9. This episode takes us back to the pilot and the disappearance of teenagers in Oregon woodlands. However, lots of the series players and plotters returned. Mulder is abducted and Scully reveals her pregnancy! Wow...what will happen next?!

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