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6X01 The Beginning
wr. Chris Carter
dir. Kim Manners
Agent Spender is in control of the X Files. Follows on a bit from the film and The End- Gibson the mind reading kid returns.

6X02 Drive
wr. Vince Gilligan
dir. Rob Bowman
Mulder and Scully investigate fertilizer! The reassigment is not much fun until they pick up on the strange case of a man who must keep driving or explode! Tense and unpredictable with a great gest star turn from Bryan Cranston who would go on to work with Vince Gilligan again on Breaking Bad.
6X03 Triangle
wr. Chris Carter
dir. Chris Carter
Intriguing fantasy episode where Mulder enters the Bermuda triangle and meets alternate versions of Scully and others. Carter filmed this in widescreen and with long continuous takes! Scully kisses Skinner and Mulder in this one! Very original and ambitious.

6X04 Dreamland
wr. Vince Gilligan,Frank Spotnitz and John Shiban
dir. Kim Manners
Mulder finally gets into Area 51 but then switches bodies with a Man in Black (hilarious Micheal McKean). However, he discovers it isn't much fun. Meanwhile, Scully is stuck with a Mulder who is very, very different.

6X05 Dreamland 2
wr. Vince Gilligan,Frank Spotnitz and John Shiban
dir. Michael Watkins
Scully realises that Mulder isn't himself after an encounter involving handcuffs and a waterbed! Slightly disappointing resolution to a fun story.

6X06 Terms of Endearment
wr. David Amman
dir. Rob Bowman
Mulder and Scully encounter a demon with a heart of gold. Bruce Campbell guest stars in a slightly dull episode.

6X07 Rain King
wr.Vince Gilligan
dir. Kim Manners
Mulder and Scully investigate a man who claimes to be able to control the weather in this light hearted adventure.

6X08 How The Ghosts Stole Christmas
wr. Chris Carter
dir. Chris Carter
A Christmas episode guest starring Ed Astner and Lily Tomlin in a good old fashioned ghost story, a bit silly.

6X09 Tithonus
WRITTEN BY: Vince Gilligan
DIRECTED BY: Michael Watkins
Scully investigates a mysterious crime scene photographer who may be a serial killer. Of course, its not that straightforward and we get a haunting tale about a man trying to capture images of death itself...

6X10 SR 819
WRITTEN BY: John Shiban
DIRECTED BY: Daniel Sackheim
A Skinner centred episode, with a dash of the DOA movie thrown it. Skinner is brought into an ER close to death. Mulder and Scully must work out who has poisoned him to try and save him.

6X11 Two Fathers
WRITTEN BY: Jeffrey Bell, Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz
DIRECTED BY: Kim Manners
First of a two part XF mythology story that sees the return of Cassandra Spender and her involvement in the Conspiracy. Smoking Man, Jeffery Spender and Diana Fowley all return.

6X12 One Son
WRITTEN BY: Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz
As Mulder and Scully try to incover the truth about Cassandra, Scully has her suspicions about Diana Fowley's agenda. Smokin Man tells Mulder the whole truth about his father's part in the conspiracy (if it IS the truth) as it looks like the alien invasion is beginning! An exciting and complex story.

6X13 Arcadia
WRITTEN BY: Daniel Arkin
DIRECTED BY: Michael Watkins
Cute little story that sees Mulder and Scully pose as a married couple to investigate a Stepford Wives type community, where several families have mysteriously disappeared. A good idea, a change of wardrobe for Mulder and Scully, but another rather daft monster.

6X14 Aqua Mala
WRITTEN BY: David Amann
Stranded in Florida by a hurricane, Mulder and Scully are stuck in an apartment block with some sort of water monster. Disappointing story.

6X15 Monday
WRITTEN BY: Vince Gilligan & John Shiban
DIRECTED BY: Kim Manners
X Files does Groundhog Day. A day keeps repeating itself as a botched bank robbery and resulting explosion combine with Mulder's water bed springing a leak! Northern Exposure's Darren Burrows (Ed Chigliac) guest stars in an excellent episode.

6X16 Alpha
WRITTEN BY: Jeffrey Bell
DIRECTED BY: Peter Markle
Rather dull episode to do with a killer dog, shape shifting and a female scientist who is a Mulder fan. Andrew Robinson (Garak from DS9) is the guest star.

6X17 Trevor
WRITTEN BY: Keb Hawryliw & Jim Guttridge
Thrilling and convoluted episode in the best X Files tradition about a convict who seems to acquire the power to walk through walls. What is it that the escaped con wants and who is Trevor anyway? Good stuff.

6X18 Milagro
WRITTEN BY: Chris Carter, John Shiban & Frank Spotnitz
DIRECTED BY: Kim Manners
A writer rents the apartment next door to Mulder's, but when a series of gruesome murders mirrir his novel, Mulder is suspicious. The writers fascination with Scully futher irritates Mulder in this intriguing but ultimately rather daft episode.

6X19 Three of a Kind
WRITTEN BY: Vince Gilliagn & John Shiban
DIRECTED BY: Bryan Spicer
A Lone Gunmen episode, with guest star Gillian Anderson! The guys are at a convention trying to do something or other, when Byars sees his lost love Susanne Modoski and they try to uncover the truth about some wierd deaths. Gillian Anderson has fun as a supporting player, who spends much of the episode drugged up, and acting silly!

6X20 The Unnatural
David Duchovny's first writer/director gig is a tale of a 1950s baseball player who also happens to be an alien! An enjoyable story, with some of the cutest Mulder/Scully interactions we've seen for ages but with only 2 scenes of them, its hard to get THAT involved in these new characters. Ally McBeal guest star hunk Jesse Martin does a good job as the lead actor.

6X21 Field Trip
WRITTEN BY: Frank Spotnitz & Vince Gilliagn & John Shiban
DIRECTED BY: Kim Manners
Very wierd and trippy tale of magic mushrooms, hallucinations and missing hikers where nothing is as it seems. An unusual and convoluted episode. Pretty good though.

6X22 Biogenesis
WRITTEN BY: Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz DIRECTED BY: Rob Bowman
It's back to the Conspiracy Mythology stuff for the Season 6 finale, as a strange artefact that has special powers is at the centre of a murder. The trail leads Scully to West Africa and a spaceship hidden in the sea, while Mulder starts falls ill and collapses..What WILL happen next..??

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