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US Convention
Cherry Hill, NJ
August 25-26

Top Ten XENA and X FILES links!

10. The abduction of Mulder's sister Samantha was the catalyst for his search for the truth. The killing of Xena's brother Lyceus was what started her off on her path as a warrior.

9. William B Davis playes the Cigarette Smking Man on the X FILES and was Lucy Lawless' drama teacher years ago.

8. Both shows have an dynamic, hands-on creator - Chris Carter on the X FILES and Rob Tapert on XENA.


August 28 - Xenaverse News Updates
I just HAD to do some site updates, even if I am still in the US!

News from the Cherry Hill Con
The Pasasdena video of Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor's stage appearence together should be available soon. Approval from both actresses has been gained. The video also contains unseen face to face interviews with the actors. Other video highlights, well, for those of us who saw the new Season 6 bloopers at Cherry Hill, next years fan club kit is a must! More bloopers than were shown at Pasasdena, including some toe sucking!!

Check out this transcript of an online chat with X FILES producer Chris Carter. He had a little to say about Lucy...
"We had a chance to cast someone who I had met at the... I think 1997 or 98 Emmy Awards. She came up to me and introduced herself, and said she was a fan of the show. Late last year, when it was announced that Xena wouldn't be coming back, she and her husband sent me a nice note about what fans they were of the show. I took that as an opportunity to take someone who was a fine actress, who would clearly be looking for a role different from the one she had played for the last number of years, and figure out a way to use her in the show."

Finally in this update, this autumn, RITTENHOUSE will be releasing the next (and presumably last) batch of trading cards, with autographs including Renee O'Connor to try and collect. I picked up some promo cards at Cherry Hil.

TV ZONE Article - Lucy and Renee on the End of the Show.
August 21 2001

New on the Articles Page is a scan of an article from TV ZONE that reports on the panel discussion that took place with Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Rob Tapert and RJ Stewart at the Museum of Radio and Television in Los Angeles in June. At the event, the 2 part series finale was shown and the guests took part in a discussion of the finale, and other XENA relating things. TV Zone reports on this.
Read the article here

X FILES: An online chat with series creator Chris Carter has been announced for Thursday, August 23rd at 7 PM EST (4 PM PST). Visit the Official X Files Site for more information

New Top Ten and Dear Lila on the site, plus more updates to the Cast & Crew Page and the Episode Guide and Reviews Page

News and a Name for Lucy Lawless' X Files character..
News and Gossip from the net
August 17 2001

With filming on The X Files starting this week, there are the first details of Lucy Lawless' character. According to Daniel at Cinescape.com, Lucy is playing a character called Shannon McMahon - and she sounds a fascinating character!
[...Read more on this story]

Aug 16
New today - A news article from The New York Daily News Online about Lucy on The X Files. Not much new information, apart from confirmation that Lucy will NOT be wearing her breastplate and will be in contemporary clothes...well duh!

XENA Magazine #23 Out Now.
The Penultimate issue....
August 15 2001

Yes, only one more XENA magazine to go after this, so what does this Soul Possession-like edition of the magazine have? Well for a start off, it is chock FULL of spoilers for the season finale, so if you don't know by now, avoid! Interviews with Michael Hurst, Katherine Fugate and David Franklin scanned..
[...Read more on this story]

August 14 - Xenaverse News
A fairly quiet few days in terms of XENA news. If you haven't voted in the Season 6 poll (right), then don't wait too long. It'll be ending in a few days.

UK News - you might remember the competition to win a Season 4 box set on this site a while back. Well, the winner was Laura from Glasgow. She now has her videos (which is more than I do...grr Blackstar...)
Sky Digital viewers..LUCY ALERT! Tune into the Travel Channel Sky 145 at 2.30pm and 8.30pm to catch Lucy Lawless' Holiday show appearances. She was scuba diving in the Cook Islands today!
Morning reruns for UK viewers - Channel 5 at 10am, Sky One at 12noon.

X FILES News - nothing much new on what Lucy's role will be, but if you are after spoilers about what might be happening in the Season opener, check out my old Fandom pal Daniel's X Files Site on Cinescape (but ignore the 'Top Ten Problems with Lucy Lawless appearing on the X Files' - or don't take them too seriously!)

XENA Soundtrack CD vol 6 Reviewed
August 11
Released in July, this double CD of music from XENA features tracks from Ides of March, The Ring Trilogy, A Friend in Need and the Emmy winning music from Fallen Angel. The sixth and probably final CD also features lots of other pieces of music from the show, and is a must for music loving Xena fans and Joe LoDuca worshippers! However, how does it compare to the other 5? Neil has reviewed CDs and games for Xenaville for some time and I am delighted to have his latest review
...[Read the CD volume 6 review]

Lots of updates to the Shopping page including CDs, Game reviews, Book reviews and more.

Agents Reyes and Doggett wonder where Lucy Lawless isAugust 9 - News and Updates

X FILES news - the Season 9 opening episode that will feature Lucy Lawless is to be called "Nothing Important Happened Today" and will screen on Sunday Nov 4th. The title apparently refers to a diary entry by George III, but is noteworthy because he had no clue that on that day, the American colonies had declared their independence and a revolution was forthcoming.
It appears that the reference implies that a great change is about to occur - while no one is aware of it, something huge has already begun. Sounds ominous..

I've been doing quite a few updates to the Xenaville Site in the last few days. As you may have noticed, there is a new poll over here on the right. Please do vote in the Season 6 Favourites poll. Also check out the new Top Ten and the Dear Lila.. sections. The Episode Guide is now all in place. You'll find details of all the episodes from seasons 1 to 6, and links to most of the cast and crew involved in them. I still have quite a few actor pages to add, there are only reviews for some of the episodes in place, but I hope to have them all done soon - with help from Laura!
A few new pages to check out: The Xena Shopping page is not quite finished, but has links to what and where you can buy Xena stuff. The Pronunciation Guide has been updated to help you speak perfect XenaSpeak! More updates coming soon..

UK News - Both Channel 5 AND Sky One are doing daytime repeats of XENA in the nest week. Sky One are still on season 2 and will be showing episodes at 12noon from Tuesday to Friday. Channel 5 are starting with The Furies and screening season 3 at 10am from Monday to Friday. Meanwhile, this Sunday, there is NO XENA Season 6 on Sky One. Instead there is 2hrs of "Police Stop". They say it will return next week with The Rheingold - the first of the wonderful Norse trilogy.
Hope you all have got your Season 4 box sets...still waiting for mine to arrive in the post...

New Photos and Con News from Creation
August 4th 2001

After the newest photos from A Friend in Need? Want to see Hudson Leick and Kevin Smith? Well, Creation Entertainment have new merchandise you might want to check out right here.
Also, anyone in the Michigan or San Jose area might want to check out the Creation forthcoming events section for details.

More details on Lucy's involvement in The X Files
August 2nd 2001

So how *DID* Lucy Lawless get that role on THE X-FILES? Executive producer Frank Spotnitz has been explaining it all.

While talking to the New York Post, the producer explained, saying, "She and [Chris Carter] met in the past year, and she said she was a fan of the show...Since that time, it's been something in the back of Chris' mind as to how we could use Lucy..
[...Read more on this story]

Visit the Xena Virtual Season 7 Page!

Archived Main Page June/July 2001

Archived Main Page April/May 2001

Visit the Original Xenaville UK Site

Dear Lila
Don't the years just FLY by! Yep, another year older for you. Me? Well I slept through another one! So you're even older than me now...(ha, ha!)
Last time it was ice, this time it was fire..an eternal flame surrounded me. Yes, the freakiest things DO happen to me don't they. Still, at least it was warmer in there... And after a year's worth of winks, my hair is long again. Don't like it, think I'll pinch Xena's chakram for a trim as soon as we get off these winged horses. Sorry for the wobbly writing...

Dear Lila
"Lets have a nice trip to the woods, bit of canoeing, catch up with Virgil," says Xena, "it'll be a nice break.."
HA!!! What a liar she is! Our canoe gets attacked by wierd water guys (why DID they attack us in water?) a scrap with a bloke in a bear skin (looked pretty flea bitten too), I get chucked into a raging river and nearly drown, freeze my arse off in a cave for hours, get dragged up a cliff backwards by my 'supposed' best friend who then hands me over to the cannibals! Then I get basted in THE most disgusing sauce ever (reminded me of Granny' notorious Gooey Goosey Gravy) before having the crucial role in Xena's plan to defeat these people while having to battle hungry cannibals eyeing me in a way I found most disconcerting. Don't think they wer after my body in the way the usual pervy warlords are...
Wonder if we will EVER have a nice quiet week...

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