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The Black Wolf

Director: Mario Di Leo
Writer: Alan Jay Gleuckman

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Robert Trebor (Salmoneus)
Ian Hughes (Diomedes)
Nigel Harbrow (Koulos)

Xena goes undercover to try and help a band of rebels who are fighting against an unjust king. The rebels are lead by a mystery person named the Black Wolf. Xena goes in to help an old friend named Flora. Meanwhile Gabrielle arrives in town a little later to meet Xena. She finds that Xena is in prison and determines to get herself arrested too. Gabrielle meets up with Salmoneus who is exploring marketing possibilities in the town (Black Wolf packs..bags etc).

Xena pretends to King Xerxes that she is working for him to try and root out the criminals, although his deputy Koulos (Nigel Harbrow) is more suspicious of Xena. In the prison, Xena meets Flora (Emma Turner) and her friend, Diomedes (Ian Hughes). She must devide a way to save them from Xerxes jail.

Notes: This is Robert Trebor`s first appearance as Salmoneus on XENA. We also learn in this episode that Xena can embroider as one of her many skills. Not that we have seen too much evidence of that! This wroter and director have never done another episode!

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