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A Day in the Life

Director: Michael Hurst
Writer: R.J. Stewart

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Alison Wall (Minya)
Murray Keane (Hower)

Still one of the very top episodes in any poll of fan favourites, this one directed by Michael Hurst, is a look at Xena and Gabrielle`s day to day life. A treat for subtext fans, but all fans of the humourous side of the series will enjoy this one. We see Xena and Gabrielle in a very different mood; playful, bickering, and in different situations. Baths, eels, pans, whips and and interesting discussion on Xena`s appeal to men! A very different light hearted style to preceding episodes, A Day in the Life is a classic. Minya and Hower, the Xena fans seen here, are considered by some to be a playful representation of us fans!

Look out for a whole Giant killing sequence at the end filmed for the episode Giant Killer, and not used.

Disclaimer :-
No slippery eels were harmed during the production of this motion picture despite their reputation as a fine delicacy in select cultures of the known world.

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