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Vanishing Act

Director: Andrew Merrifield
Writer: Terry Winter

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Bruce Campbell (Autolycus)
Jon Brazier (Tarsus)

Xena and Gabrielle help Autolycus to regain his King of Thieves title after a giant golden statue is mysteriously stolen overnight. Of course, they are REALLY trying to retrieve the statue for some villagers. The plan involves more dressing up and funny accents for Xena and Gabrielle, as they disguise themsleves as potential buyers of the stolen goods. However, Autolycus realises that Tarsus, the thief, is the man who killed his brother years before and plans revenge.

Notes: Look out for the film of Gabrielle walking at the start of the episode. She is wearing her OLD outfit. Lucy Lawless` accent as Ezra - her disguise - is an impersonation of the star of The Nanny, Fran Drechser.

Disclaimer : -
Upon completion of the filming of this episode, Autolycus`s scuba gear was placed on display at the Athens Diving Institute for the education and enjoyment of future generations to come.

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