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Ides Of March

Director: Ken Girotti
Writer: R.J. Stewart

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Hudson Leick (Callisto)
Karl Urban (Caesar)
Jennifer Sky (Amarice)
Timothy Omundson (Eli)
David Franklin (Brutus)

The real Season finale, sees Xena and Gabrielle once more come up against Julius Caesar and the Romans. If you know your history or your Shakespeare, you should be able to guess at least one event from this episode! However this is a major episode in many ways. Firstly, the episode opens with a short haired Callisto back again. After Sacrifice II it seemed she would be gone for good, but it emerges that Callisto is in hell. She is offered a chance to escape, if she can return with Xena. Meanwhile, Caesar has a huge bounty on Xena`s head so she goes to Rome to settle things. Callisto thwarts Xena`s assassination attempt by catching and keeping her chakram.

Gabrielle and Amarice meet up with Eli, and once again Gabrielle is captivated by his message of peace. However, when Eli and his followerd and Gabrielle and Amarice are captured by the Romans, the peaceful path seems unlikely to help. Xena races back from Rome to save them, rebuffing Callisto`s attempts to tempt her. She manages to rescue Gabrielle and Eli from the Roman jail, but seeing her escape os too much for Callisto, who flings the chakram at Xena, breaking both her back and the chakram! Gabrielle is forced into killing to protect Xena and she swings the sword with a vengeace. However, Xena cannot move and the pair are captured and their crucifixion ordered...the crucifixion vision that appeared in Adventures in the Sin Trade looks like coming true.....

Disclaimer : -
Xena and Gabrielle were killed during the production of this motion picture

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