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The Way

Director: John Fawcett
Writer: R.J. Stewart

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Timothy Omundson (Eli)
Rajneel Singh (Indrajit)
Rajiv Varma (Krishna)

Probably the most notorious episode of the show due to the protests by a militant Hindu group that forced Universal to withdraw the episode. It is another of the Indian episodes that has Xena enlisting the help of Krishna to save Gabrielle and Eli from the demon Indrajit. This time Xena and Gabrielle are mixing with actual Hindu deities. Hanuman, the monkey god appears but it was the depiction on Krishna that the protests were about. Xena, Gabrielle and Eli team up with Hanuman who recognises Eli as a holy man. They try to hide from Indrajit, but he kidnaps Eli and Gabrielle. For the first time we see Xena praying respectfully to a god, and Krishna gives her valuble advice on how to find her "Way". The confrontation between Xena and Indrajit is on of the most violent ever, with Xena suffering some horrible injuries before transforming into Kali - another deity with 6 arms who manages to defeat Indrajit.

After the withdrawal of the episode, there was a very strong backlash from Xena fans wanting to see this important episode, and a revised version was released that removed the disclaimer (see below), which to be honest WAS a little disrespectful, and a headbutt on Hanuman by Xena. There was also a very insincere sounding public service announcement about the Hinud religion that was in no way an apology. However, the episode has still not been shown in many countries including the UK.

Notes: This is what that Public Service Announcement that accompanied the new version said.


THE WAY was pulled from circulation for a few months after criticism about how Krishna was portrayed in the show. THE WAY returned to circulation on 08/30/99 in a revised edition and was appended by the following announcement from Lucy Lawless, Sunil Aghi, and Renee O`Connor.

Lawless: In today`s episode Xena prayed to Krishna the supreme godhead of Hinduism. We hope that we have portrayed it in a revered and respectful way.

Aghi: My name is Sunil Aghi. I am the community activist and president of the Hindu American political foundation.

O`Connor: More than a billion people throughout the world practice the Hindu religion.

Aghi: An accurate portrayal of our deity is important to us, but an even more important goal is to enlighten people of other faith about Hinduism.

O`Connor: With understanding comes tolerance.

Lawless: If you would like to learn more about this great religion please visit your local library or Internet web site. "

This disclaimer was removed from the revised version of this episode.

Disclaimer : -
Any similarities between Hanuman and a major character in the motion picture classic Planet of the Apes, is purely coincidental.

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