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Old Ares Had a Farm

Director: Charles Siebert
Writer: RJ Stewart

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Kevin Smith (Ares)
Norman Forsey (Dempar)
GASGAR - Noel Coutts
DEMETRIUS - Kirk Torrance
GREBA - Charmain Guest
SIKI - Dai Henwood

To protect Ares from a gang of revenge-seeking warlords, Xena brings him to her childhood home and disguises him as a farmer. This involves Xena and Gabrielle getting dressed as farm girls, milking cows, chasing chickens and playing with the farm dog!

Sofrina`s summary
When a band of assassins joins forces to kill Ares and collect a bounty, Xena and Gabrielle disguise him as a farmer. While Ares adjusts to country life, aging and one-headed dogs, the girls try to throw the assassins of his trail. [Comic episode - Kevin Smith`s incredible, whistling pecs, and a Xena/Gabs battle.]

DISCLAIMER: Ares went to the dogs during the making of this motion picture

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