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UK DVD release
Series 1 part 2
November 5th 2001

US Premiere of The X Files
Featuring Lucy Lawless
November 11th, 9pm
FOX Network

UK Xenafest
November 24th 2001

Top Ten Excuses for Xena hitting Gabrielle in the head with her chakram in Motherhood

10. Xena knew that Gabrielle would be fine as she always dies in the season finales and then recovers

9. PMS

8. It slipped...honest!

7. She assumed Gabrielle would duck

6. A wizard did it


Another Baby for Lucy and Rob!
20th November 2001
Some good news...E! Online report that Lucy Lawless and husband Rob Tapert are to have another baby - a little brother or sister for Julius and Daisy! The baby is due in late April. No wonder Lucy needed a body double for those nude scenes in The X Files! So, sadly, no return for Shannon McMahon....
Interestingly, this was what Lucy said in a recent (September) interview on ET..
ET: Are you thinking of having more children?
LUCY: No. (smiles) Well, I wouldn't rule that possibility out, either. You know, they come along when they come along.

Lucy on The X Files part 2
19th November 2001
Lucy Lawless' X Files role seemed to be pretty well received generally speaking. Whether she will be back remains a mystery...
For now, you can see a ton of screengrabs right here, and visit this page to download video clips of some of Lucy's scenes.

I've had a few people ask me about video clips of the UK TV show that was on this week.(See below) I am hoping to have a clip here soon...stay tuned!

Lucy, Renee, Ted and Rob on UK TV!
November 18th 2001

The UK Channel 4 Top Ten Show last night features the "Top Ten TV Sex Bombs", and in at number 10 was Xena! Best of all though, was that there was a 7 or 8 minute feature on the show that included brand new interviews with Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi and Rob Tapert. 
See my exclusive screengrabs and read more details about the show here


Nov 16 - New Look for Lucy?
Lucy Lawless appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and revealed that she is to revamp her image, with the XENA-trademark long dark hair probably for the chop!
See the screengrabs here at MaryDs
Sharon Delaney of the XENA fan club sent out an email about looking out for Lucy on an ET special, so all may be revealed soon...However, the ET Website for today has that very good interview with Lucy that went out on September 11.

UK TV Alert - Saturday Nov 17th
UK Xena fans, tune in to Channel 4 tomorrow (Saturday November 17th) to the Top Ten Show at 10.15pm til 11.50pm. This week its Top Ten TV Sex Bombs, and Lucy Lawless is in there! Not sure what number mind you. Her competition includes Pat Phoenix, Diana Rigg, Felicity Kendall, Letitia Dean, Catherine Zeta Jones and Farah Fawcett!!

More on Lucy's X Files Appearance
14th November 2001
There are loads of great screen grabs from The X Files season opener, Nothing Important Happened Today. Try this page or this one or this one or this one and finally this page

The Official X Files site has a detailed synopsis of the opening episode for spoiler-holics, and photos from the second episode, that also features Lucy.See those here

November 10 - New Lucy Lawless Interview
The Online Magazine Upbeat has a new and quite lengthy interview with Lucy, where she discusses her X Files role, and clarifys her thoughts about A Friend in Need. Author Bridget Petrella did a pretty decent (and equally gushy) interview with Renee O'Connor not to long ago too.
Read it here

November 9 - Press Reaction to X Files Premiere
US TV critics have begun posting reviews of the X Files Season 9 opener, and while the reviews of the series itself are mixed, many reviewers comment on how good Lucy Lawless is! Make your own decision on Sunday US viewers...
Links to the various press reviews here at Daniel's X Files site at Cinescape

Don't forget part 2 of the Subtext Virtual Season 7 Another excellent episode.

More X Files Murmerings..
6th November 2001
Just a few days to go to Lucy Lawless' X Files debut, and the print advert for the episode is out now (left). E! Online's Wanda had great things to say about Lucy on the show.
In answer to the question How is Lucy Lawless in The X-Files?, she said,
"Fantastic. It was a little hard at first to get past her Xena-ness, but she actually pulls off the role amazingly well."
Matt Roush from TV Guide mentions "Lucy Lawless as a terrifically sinister guest star.." in his comment on the show.

If you have not yet checkout out the Subtext Virtual Season 7, then get over there and read part one now! This Virtual Season says at the outset, that it will be one for subtext fans, but the first part is just a wonderful story that sees Gabrielle heading to Egypt to help out. The writers for this Virtual Season are Melissa Good (who wrote several XENA eps as well as being possibly the most successful fan fiction writer), T Novan(co-writer of the popular fanfiction series Exposure amongst others) and Susanne Beck who wrote the popular prison story, Redemption
Go to the Subtext Virtual Season 7

UK Videos and DVDs to Buy Now!
The Season 1 DVD box set 2 is now available, and Blackstar are taking pre-orders for the Season 5 Video box set, due out on 3rd December. Unconfirmed rumours say that part 2 may also be out on the same day! Know what *I* want for Christmas...Click on these links to order.

One Week to Lucy on The X Files
5th November 2001
With just a week to go until the premiere of Season 9 of The X Files and our first post-XENA Lucy Lawless sighting, a synopsis of the episode is in TV listings papers and magazines.
"In part one of the two-part season premiere, Scully is forced to face the question as to why the aliens did not take her baby. Meanwhile, although warned off of investigating further FBI connections to a possible alien conspiracy by Assistant Director Brad Follmer (guest star Cary Elwes), Doggett and Reyes move forward in their attempts to find proof that Mulder's theories and suspicions were actually correct. Their investigation leads them to the mysterious Shannon McMahon (guest star Lucy Lawless), who holds clues to a shocking government cover-up with possible ties to Scully's baby."

More Lucy Lawless news
Friend in Need chat, Xena IS Mulder and broken bones!
1st November 2001
Lucy Lawless spoke to SCIFI Wire at www.scifi.com this week, and revealed - amongst other things - that she actually based Xena on Agent Mulder at first! Strange but true!

"I know it makes no sense now, because, of course, a character takes on a life of its own. But I wanted to underplay everything and have Xena be dark and mysterious. Of course, the show took over and [Xena] became a whole other animal. "

Lucy also again mentions the reaction to the XENA series finale.
Read the whole interview here at scifi.com

The NZ Magazine New Idea has a chat with Lucy in which she reveals she is suffering from a broken rib after a skiing accident - that sort of thing never happened on XENA...The article is definitely worth a look also for Lucy's tale of getting a palactial trailer on The X Files - only to discover she was in Annabeth Gish's trailer.
Check out the scans here

October 29 - UK TV updates
UK fans, look out for a repeat of Lucy's The Simpsons episode this week, Treehouse of Horror X. I still think this is one of the best non Xena appearances of hers. The Simpsons is such a great show, and Lucy's appearance was very funny. It's on Sky One on Wed 31st (Halloween!) at 7.30pm

On Friday 2nd Nov, Lucy's appearance on Just Shoot Me airs on Paramount Comedy channel at 8.30pm. Not half as good as The Simpsons, I had never seen this show and found it extremely unfunny, but it is a recent appearance you might not have seen.

From Monday 5th Nov, Sky One have daily reruns of S3 onwards at 4pm each day, and begin S4 too (although looks like they are skipping Adventures in the Sin Trade...Good old Sky.)

Plus Hercules and Xena - the Battle for Mount Olympus cartoon is on a few times over the next week or so. Its not fabulous, but there's a nice song Lucy sings, and its mildly entertaining.
Fri Nov 2nd, Sky Moviemax 5 at 3.30pm
Tues Nov 6th, Sky Moviemax 4 at 4.15am
Thur Nov 8th, Sky Moviemax 3 at 9.35am
Sun Nov 11th, Sky Moviemax 5 at 12.05pm

Finally, don't forget that Season 6 continues on Sky One on Sundays at 1pm (I keep forgetting!).

Detailed synopsis of Lucy Lawless' X Files role
27th October 2001
Want to know exactly how Lucy Lawless' character fits into the new series of The X Files? Then head on over the Daniel's X Files site at Cinescape where you can read a detailed synopsis of the opening episodes, 'Nothing Important Happened Today Part 1 and 2'. Lucy plays Shannon McMahon. It goes without saying that there are MAJOR spoilers here!
Read the synopsis of Nothing Important Happened Today Part 1
Read the synopsis of Nothing Important Happened Today Part 2

Even more of A Friend in Need
26th October 2001
OXYGEN TV who now have the exclusive rights to show XENA in the USA, announced that they will be airing an extra special version on Friend in Need with 16 minutes extra footage. Oxygen are screening this special version on the series finale on Saturday November 3rd, and have a chat with Lucy Lawless about life after XENA straight after that.
Visit the OXYGEN XENA web site
Read the press release about the director's cut of Friend in Need

EBAY Auction - Lucy Lawless' script from Many Happy Returns signed and with a note from Lucy. This is another item Lucy donated to her old school.

Get Your Signed Monopoly Games!
23rd October 2001
Lucy Lawless has signed 500 special edition Starship Monopoly games to benefit the Starship Children's Hospital in New Zealand. All proceeds from the sale of the games will go to the Starship Foundation to help raise money for a pediatric neurosurgery theatre at the Starship Children's Hospital. At a cost of US$100 each, the games are available from Sword and Staff. To order a game, or to request more information, please contact Mist at MistNY@aol.com

The above photo is from NZ's Hawkes Bay Newspaper and available from The Kiwi Attic website

Lucy's X Files appearance delayed..
21st October 2001
The Official X Files site annouced what had been rumoured for a while - that the Season 9 premiere Nothing Important Happened Today pt 1 has been put back a week and will now air on November 11th, with part 2 the following week (Nov 18).
One likely reason is that the rescheduled Emmy Awards are taking place on November 4th.

UK Fans, all being well, we SHOULD have these 2 episodes at the UK MIdlands Xenafest on November 24th (although its pretty tight now!) Lets hope the US postal service is working at full speed...

October 17
Details added about a UK Xenafest, the 8th Midlands Xenafest on November 24th. Book early to avoid disappointment!

October 17 - Lucy News
Sharon Delaney from Creation Entertainment who run the XENA fan club sent out an email with some media alerts.
"Lucy will be doing publicity interviews for her upcoming appearance on the premiere 2-part episode of The X-Files which airs Nov 4 and 11. Check your local listings for the time and station X-Files is shown in your area. I have a listing of some print interviews at this time. The ones I don't have dates for could run anytime from now until just before each of the X-Files episodes airs. I'll update any live interview appearances she makes as I get them. None are scheduled at this time and if/when they happen, it will be closer to the air dates of the episodes. Keep checking the tv interview shows for any I miss :)"

  • Marilyn Beck/Stacy Jenel Smith -- syndicated celebrity news column -- I found it in today's (10/16) Daily News in Burbank.
  • Copley News Syndicate -- syndicated newspaper column by Eirik Knutzen -- keep your eyes peeled for this one. I don't know when it will run.
  • People Magazine -- Chatter column -- start checking the magazine -- I don't have a date for this one.
  • Chicago Tribune -- start checking -- no date yet.
  • In Style magazine -- October issue and online -- this is about the NZ designer of one of Lucy's dresses, not X-Files.


First shooting draft -- Signed and dated by Lucy on the front cover 27/07/01.
Both items were given by Lucy to her school Marist Primary in St. Albert, Auckland, New Zealand to be auctioned off to raise money for the school.

New Wallpaper, more pictures of Lucy in The X Files
15th October 2001
New today, a rather nice (if I say so myself!) wallpaper to celebrate Lucy's X Files appearance. Incidentally, the Lucy wallpapers from the X Files site have been taken down now, but you can get them at my Multimedia Page, where I have been adding a bunch of new wallpapers today (thanks Sall, sorry I was so slow adding them.)

There are also yet more promo photos of Lucy around. A colour version of the photo of Lucy, Gillian Anderson and Annabeth Gish, and a mean and moody looking Lucy!
Click on the thumbnail pics here to see bigger versions. They are very big files, but nice quality.(I'm sure thats black leather Lucy is wearing...so much for a change of style...)

October 15 - UK News
There have been lots of shopping oppotunities for UK Xenafans recently, with the release of the Season 4 box set 2, and the DVD Season 1 part 1 box. Part 2 of the DVD box set is out on November 5th, with the 5th Season video box sets 1&2 due out on December 3rd according to TV ZONE.
Woolies have been selling some of the previous XENA video box sets for 9.99 - a bargain if you can find them at that price.
Sky One are moving Season 6 of XENA to 1pm on Sundays from its current 5pm timeslot, so don't forget that new time. Also, XENA fans might be interested in the new sci-fi show, MUTANT X, co-starring XENA guest star, Victoria Pratt. It starts on Sky One on Wednesday 17th October.

October 12 - New Lucy Interview
Entertainment News Daily has a fascinating interview with Lucy Lawless, where she discusses her X Files role briefly, and also her views on the fan reaction to the XENA series finale. Interesting...
Read the article here

October 10 - More Lucy X Files News
Yet more pictures are available of Lucy Lawless in her X Files role. The Official X Files site has a few details about the episode, including a couple of new pictures. Daniel at Cinescape also had a couple of excellent pictures of Lucy in character. Click on the thumbnail below)
The Official X Files site also have 2 new wallpapers for Season 9 of the show. One with all the regulars, and one with just Lucy Lawless!
Visit the X Files site and scroll down to the bottom of the page for wallpapers

I have finally completed my Beginners Guide to The X Files for all you non fans, or people who haven't seen the show for a long time to try and catch you up with some of the happening on the show ready for the season premiere on FOX on November 4th. On this page, there are also links to all the new pictures.

October 9 - Lucy Lawless X Files News
First chance to see Lucy Lawless' X Files look - and she looks pretty much like Xena in a suit! Have a look at the screengrabs and see if you don't recognise a few of those expressions...
View the screengrabs here

A Baby Boy for Renee!
3rd October 2001
Sharon Delaney from the XENA fan club sent out an email that Renee O'Connor had her baby! Nice to have some good news...
'Miles William Muir made his entrance into the world on September 22, 2001 weighing 8 pounds 8 ounces. He's beautiful, healthy and who took the word "sleep" out of the dictionary (G)
Renee O'Connor and Steve Muir'

Visit the Xena Virtual Season 7 Page!

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Dear Lila
Don't birthdays come round quickly. Hardly seems like 25 years frozen in ice and another year snoozing in a flamey circle since the last one! (Come to think of it, how old am I anyway..??) I never really thought of Xena as being the playful type..and playing tricks and things drives me mad. Still, managed to get a few in myself. But Xena is just SO competitive! Many skills, my eye...

However, she was quite sweet in the end, she got me this sappy Sappho poem all about love. Ahh... Of course, Xena would have preferred a dirty limerick beginning "There was an old man from Thrace.."

Dear Lila
Ever heard of something called "Hollow-Ween"? Or maybe "Hallow-Een"? Something to do with spooky goings on, ghosts, ghouls and witches I hear. Well, I saw a ghost this week, only there were no clanking chains or men in white sheets. It was Ephiny..remember her? That Amazon pal of mine with a wierd taste in men.(Thankfully Xena didn't tell any centaur jokes..) Anyway, despite Xena thinking I had been hitting the henbane laced nutbread again, it really was her. We had to help out her son Xenan - that centaur boy we helped deliver many years ago...MANY years!(Doesn't time fly when you're in an ice coffin!) As well as that, I am trying to stop Xena take the mickey out of my singing...I really was not THAT bad...Just cos she has those millions of "many skills".

Dear Lila
You know, what HAVE the Amazons ever done for us?? I mean, look at the Romans...they gave us good roads, education, gladiator fights, law and order, a clean water system, central heating, and not forgetting those lovely warm baths! Amazons?...well, maybe daft dancing, leather bikinis and endless flipping strife! Honestly, one more week like this one and I am handing back that bloody queenie thing!