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The Titans

Director: Eric Brevig
Writer: RJ Stewart

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Mark Rafferty (Hyperion)
Amanda Tollemach (Theia)
Edward Campbell (Crias)
Andy Anderson (Hesiod)
Paolo Rotondo (Phyleus)

As Xena is off chasing a villain, Gabrielle accidentally releases three Titans, giants who were the forebearers of the Olympian gods. While they are initially grateful and ready to do Gabrielle`s bidding, once they realise she`s NOT a god, aren`t too friendly and are all set to cause mayhem. Xena must return them to their frozen state before they take over once again. Good giant effects, and another nearly love affair for Gabrielle. This is also one of the first episodes where we see conflict between Xena and Gabrielle.

Notes: Interesting comments from Lucy Lawless about this episode in the Robert Weisbrot book. She says that this was directer Eric Brevig`s first job as a director, although he had worked with special effects before. It was also one of the first episodes that was really Gabrielle story rather than Xena`s.

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