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Key to the Kingdom

Director: Bruce Campbell
Writer: Eric Morris

Lucy Lawless (Meg/Xena)

Guest Stars:
Ted Raimi (Joxer)
Bruce Campbell (Autolycus)
Craig Parker (King Cleades)
Paul Willis

One of the first season four episodes filmed, this one is a "Raising Arizona" type romp with Meg, Joxer and Autolycus involved in a stolen baby case. Of course, it isn`t just that. The baby involved is some sort of key...to a kingdom believe it or not. Xena makes a short appearance at the end, but a totally Gabrielle free episode.

Lucy Lawless has often said she loved playing Meg, so I guess she was happy, but the balance was not right for this rather forgettable episode. We need Xena and Gabrielle! Meg's statement about not having children was obviously wrong as she and Joxer produce Virgil and several others who we hear about in Season 5.

Disclaimer : -
No priceless porkers of either organic or ceramic origin were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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