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UK Release
Season 3 part 1 on DVD
20th May 2002

UK Release
Season 6 part 2 on video and DVD
3rd June 2002

Top Ten Renee O'Connor Moments
So I did lucy, now it's Renee! Here are my picks for some of her best moments on the show...

10. My vote for Renee's best comic performance is for Fins Femme's and Gems. This is a favourite comedy for most of us, but Gabrielle's self obsession was hilarious. I still think Renee is the better comic actress, she has wonderful timing - the secret to good comedy.

9. It seems like a small thing - a hair cut - but Gabrielle's trim in Between the Lines was initially greeted with howls of protest from Gab fans..."not the golden fleece!!" However, most agreed that Renee actually looked better with short hair. It certainly helped in character development terms.

8. Ides of March was a pretty momentous episode, but especially for Gabrielle. She abandons her way of peace to go on the rampage to defend Xena, we then have that touching jail cell scene with Gabrielle and Xena facing death by crucifixion. An important episode for Gabrielle, and great work by Renee.

7. Callisto introduced two crucial characters. Callisto, of course, and also Joxer, and for many years after Joxer and Gabrielle's relationship was fun to watch. This first ep saw Gabrielle beat him up in almost every way possible! Renee and Ted always worked well together.

6. The Deliverer saw Gabrielle lose her blood innocence, and one of Renee's most dramatic performances. I thought she did an amazong job of showing Gabrielle's trauma at killing for the first time. I believe they had a closed set that day for filming as Renee found the raw bearing of emotions quite tough. It certainly was effective.

5. Sacrifice 2. So much happened to the characters in Season 3, but this episode saw Renee do double duty for the first time - playing Gabrielle AND daughter Hope. Who can forget that S1 cliffhanger with Hope emerging from the cocoon. And talking of cliffhangers, Gabrielle's sacrifice at the end of part 2 was a real shocker!! It certainly had considerable impact throughout the beginning of Season 4.

4. Hooves and Harlots was a crucial episode for Gabrielle in Season 1. Gabrielle was not just the comic relief or damsel in distress, she became Amazon Royalty. The beginning of her character development. Also significant for being the episode where the Mighty Abs make their first proper appearance thanks to those Amazon leathers :)


Xenaverse News - 10th May
You can't have missed all the fuss about Sam Raimi's Spider-Man film, and with strong RenPics connections, it's one to see for sure. New mum Lucy Lawless filmed a brief cameo over a year ago and has one line, so watch carefully! Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell, who are in just about EVERY Sam Raimi film, have more significant roles, so look out for them.

Meanwhile, US viewers might have caught a few brief features on ET about Lucy Lawless' new baby. Not heard too much yet, but you can check out the story on the ET Site here

Meanwhile, after yet MORE full page adverts for the Season 3 DVD box set released on May 6th, it has been confirmed that the S3 DVDs will be out on May 20th. You can still preorder via Blackstar.

It's a Boy!!!
7th May 2002
A Good News day, Sharon Delaney sent out this email.

"With his father's urgings and his mother's anguish, Judah Miro Tapert was born at 11:46pm local time on May 7th. Weight 8 lbs 8 oz. Everyone is fine. "

Renee O'Connor hits the Convention Circuit - Again!
7th May 2002
Yes, there's ANOTHER chance to catch Renee O'Connor in person coming up. The bad news is that it is only in that "Love Letters" play again, and NOT an onstage Q&A appearance. For the ROCfans amongst you, its the Cherry Hill Convention you need to book up for. It's all happening on 9-11th August, at the Cherry Hill Hilton in New Jersey. Also appearing at this con are Hudson Leick, Claire Stansfield, Tim Omundsen, Danielle Cormack and Virginia Hey (Zhaan from Farscape.)
Right now, it's money bags people only - the gold tickets are a VERY steep $349, although you do get an autographed Renee O'Connor picture for that - which sells for something over $100. Hmm...wonder if my bank manager is in a good mood...
Check out the details at the Creation Site

3rd May - The UK DVD Saga continues..
The release of the region 2 and 4 Season 3 DVDs is still unclear. Now there is a note on the Blackstar S3 DVD page saying this DVD won't be released until May 20th!
Still no news on Lucy Lawless' baby before anyone asks!

Updated May 1 - UK Releases and Convention News
Good old Universal Playback - they certainly know how to handle publicity! Ardent XENA fans like me have been trying to find out when the Season 3 DVD box set is out, and there is hardly a whisper of news to be found! However, I think it must be true as there is an advert in the latest issue of SFX Magazine for the S3 DVD box set 1, out on May 6th - yes, less than a week. (You can click on the small picture above to see the advert more fully). The first 11 episodes - thats all the way up to Maternal Instincts - are on this set. So no DVD viewing of The Bitter Suite just yet...
You can FINALLY pre-order this DVD set from Blackstar right here - although I heard a rumour that the release had been delayed until June! Guess we will find out for sure on Monday.

Also in SFX Magazine was news of this Sci-Fi Convention to be held in Blackpool on June 21 - 23. Added to the guest list are Victoria Pratt (Cyane) and Shiri Appleby (the lovely Tara). There is also James Marsters (Spike) and Emma Caulfield (Anya) from Buffy and a few others. So UK fans who fancy a trip to the seaside might want to find out more at The SFX Con web site

April 28th - More ex-XENA Actors in the Movies
While the baby watch goes on (no, I haven't heard anything about Lucy Lawless' impending event) I picked up my favourite movie magazine yesterday, only to find a couple of ex-XENA actors in there.
It was only a few days ago I was mentioning the wonderful Marton (Borias) Csokas and his role in the new Vin Diesel film XXX (or Triple X - not sure how its named). Marton also appears in the new Star Wars film, however, it looks like fans of his Russell Crowe-like good looks will be disappointed. See that picture up there?...well thats Marton in the middle!! He is playing "Poggle the Lesser" and as with Marton's Farscape appearance, it looks like its a prosthetics job. Jay (Draco) Laga'aia is also appearing in Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

The other former XENA actor in the movie news is Kathryn Morris - nutty Najara herself. Kathryn is co-starring in the forthcoming movie Minority Report as Tom Cruise's wife! The film is directed by Steven Spielberg - and Kathryn also had a role is his previous film A.I. Move over Kate Capshaw! She says a little about the film, and co-star Colin Farrell. No gossip on Tom and Penelope sadly!

April 24th - Xenaverse News
Yes, there is some today! Well, a bit.
Canadian News, the Spacecast TV channel (a bit like the Sci-Fi Channel I think) are having an all day Xena Marathon on May 20th, from 10am to 7pm. You can vote for your favourite episodes to be shown by clicking on this link. Thanks to Bradley for that news

Meanwhile, UK fans might like to know that the Region 2 DVD version of The X Files episode "Nothing Important Happened Today", guest starring Lucy Lawless is sue for release on June 10th - that is BEFORE it begins on Sky One. You can pre order at good old Blackstar, as well as play.com. Apparently it *IS* in widescreen and includes a Behind the Scenes documentary.

Also, FINALLY Blackstar have confirmation of Season 6 part 2 on DVD and VHS released on June 3rd, although they still aren't listing the Season 3 DVD that Choices Direct has out on May 6th. You can preorder the Season 6 DVD part 2 or the VHS S6 box set 2 to complete your set!

April 22nd - Xenaverse (lack of) News
In possibly the quietest Xena week I can remember, there is hardly ANYTHING happening XENA-wise! The next expected event is the birth of Lucy Lawless baby - late April was the reported due date. Best of luck to Lucy and Rob.
There was a report on the Zap2It web site about Lucy's cameo in the upcoming Spider-Man film - think she has a line or 2.
US TV channel Oxygen continues with repeats of Season 1, while UK Channel 5 continues with Season 4.
Still no positive confirmation on the dates for the next UK video and DVD releases. Also, I've had a few US people email me about US DVD releases. Again, no definite news. Sorry. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
If ANYONE has any XENA information - video releases, events etc (as you can see I am getting pretty desperate here!!) feel free to email me

April 16th - Next UK Xenafest Announced
Xenafans in the UK, mark June 8th in your diary - its the next Midlands Xenafest to look forward to. Held once again in Leicester and all proceeds going to local charities, this is the ninth event in the Midlands in recent years.
Read more details here

TV News
First, a bit more UK tv stuff. Channel 5 are now showing Season 4 episodes on Saturday mornings (about 10.30am) that haven't been on terrestrial TV before. You may remember C5 suspended new episodes some time ago citing poor ratings. Well, they are now airing some episodes that haven't been on before, but appear to be picking and choosing WHICH ones. Several India eps - including The Way don't appear to be scheduled. Last Saturday was Paradise Found, next up...
Saturday 20th April - Devi
Saturday 27th April - The Convert

For you neglected US fans, who never get a mention, thought I'd check out the OXYGEN Xena Site and the upcoming schedule. Looks like its back to Season 1 for you lot!(Except S2 on weekends). Episodes screen on weekdays at 12am, 11am and 6pm
Tuesday April 16th - Sins of the Past
Wednesday April 17th - Chariots of War
Thursday April 18th - Dreamworker
Friday April 19th - Cradle of Hope
Saturday April 20th - Warrior..Princess..Tramp
Sunday April 21st - Intimate Stranger
Monday April 22nd - The Path Not Taken
Tuesday April 23rd - The Reckoning

Don't forget to vote in the New Poll!

7th April - Ex-RenPics Cast Updates
A few bits of news on some Renaissance Pictures People in the news lately.
Sam Raimi has been talking about his Spider-Man film. He has already agreed to a follow up and says his pal Bruce Campbell will be in it. Sam also expressed an interest in reviving the Evil Dead franchise!
Read more on the Cinescape Site

Gina Torres, star of Cleopatra 2525, Hercules and Xena has been cast in one of the most eagerly awaited shows, Buffy creator, Joss Whedon's sci-fi show, Firefly

Tawny Kitaen who played Deianeira in Hercules is in trouble with the law for beating up her professional athlete husband! No laughing matter...
Read more at the Zap2it site

Marton Csokas (Borias) will soon be seen in the Vin Diesel action movie XXX (snappy title...) as a bad guy! Wonder if we'll hear THAT accent again...

April 5th - UK Video/DVD News
Universal Playback have just sent out news of forthcoming releases, and the main point of interest for XENA fans is that the upcoming Season 6 releases will feature the DIRECTORS CUT of A Friend in Need. Good news for people who haven't seen the full version.

Also, those of you waiting for Lucy Lawless in the new series of The X Files on UK tv, you've got to wait longer. It WAS slated for April 5th but now its 20th June at 9pm, with repeats on Monday at 10pm.

April 2nd - Xenaverse News
Hope you enjoyed yesterday's April Fool News story. As expected, a few of you DID believe it :) Lucy as a lapdancer indeed.......(see it here!)

Apparently, Rittenhouse are planning ANOTHER series of XENA trading cards. Guess they know a money spinner when they see one! Stay tuned for details

Added My A Friend in Need DVD review to the site. Got my disc today, and anyone who hasn't bought it - why not!! Loved the commentary and the Behind the Scenes footage. Lets hope there are more DVDs to come. Talking of which...

UK News
Season 6 part 1 was released yesterday in the UK. The S6 video half box set and the S6 DVD box set part one both feature the first 11 episodes of season 6. You can order through the always reliable Blackstar by clicking on the link.

As far as forthcoming DVD releases go, Andrew emailed me with some dates. Apparently series 3 part 1 is due for release on May 6 and series 6 part 2 is out on June 3 (along with the VHS release). This will be the final video release - the whole series will then have been released. Nothing on Blackstar or other video sites yet, but I'll have a pre-order link up as soon as possible.

Kevin Smith
Momentous XENA events....
So many BIG changed happened to Xena and Gabrielle over the 6 years of the show. Which momentous event was your favourite?

Gabrielle losing her blood innocence in The Deliverer
Xena killing Callisto in Sacrifice 2
Gabrielle getting her new short haircut in Between the Lines
Xena's pregnancy and the birth of baby Eve in Season 5
Gabrielle becoming Amazon Royalty in Hooves and Harlots
Xena's death in A Friend in Need 2
The 25 year sleep resulting in grown up Eve and the disappearance of most other non-immortals.
Xena's God-killing powers and the Twilight of the Gods
Callisto becoming pure and sweet in Fallen Angel
The death of Joxer in Livia
Ares becoming mortal in Motherhood and beyond
Gabrielle's wedding and subsequent widowhood in Return of Callisto
The Gabdrag!
The birth of Hope in Season 3 and the following "rift" episodes

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Dear Lila
Spring is sprung! Yes, its Springtime for Gabby in Ancient Greece! A time of new life (well, apart from certain warrior princesses who kicked the bucket recently) and little cute lambs (who obviously don't know what us Greeks put in our moussaka) and little bunny rabbits(although I can never look at them quite the same way since that incident with the seemingly "cute" bunny who tried to kill me a few years back) and fluffy yellow chicks(erm......nope, haven't had any bad experiences with them recently, thank the gods!)
You know maybe springtime is over rated....I think I feel a hay fever attack coming on.