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UK Release
Season 6 on video and DVD
April 1st 2002

UK TV alert
Lucy Lawless in The X Files
Sky One 9pm
April 5th 2002

Top Ten Kevin Smith Episodes
We'll never forget him, and here are my choice for Kevin's finest moments on XENA and HERCULES

10.The Reckoning - Terrible stick-on beard, but Kevin's first appearance in the Xenaverse was pretty memorable for his seductive scenes with Xena. Kevin and Lucy always looked so great together.

9. The Furies - Ares and Xena made such great adversaries, and this one even hinted that he might be Xena's dad! Ares at his most manipulative..

8. HERC: Yes Virginia, There is a Hercules - and its follow up, Kevin played Jerry Patrick Brown as a military redneck, and proved once again that he has great range. VERY funny.

7. Ten Little Warlords - Ares loses his godhood for the first time, and boy was scruffy Ares sexy!

6. The Quill is Mightier - Ares and Gabby almost have a bonding moment in this fun comedy - nice comic timing from Kevin.

5. HERC: Stranger in a Strange World - A Herc ep, but Kevin was GREAT as the alternate Ares, God of Love, all in white lycra :)

4. Amphipolis Under Siege - Ares is the sap for once as Xena tricks him, after a sizzling seduction scene!

3. Motherhood - Ares gives up his godhood for the love of Xena...aaahhh!!

2. Old Ares Had a Farm - Kevin spends almost the whole episode shirtless..what more could you want?

1. The Bitter Suite - That gorgeously sexy voice and Kevin and Lucy dancing. Great stuff

RIP Kevin Smith...


April 1st News - Lucy Signs Up for "Showgirls" Remake!!
1st April 2002
In the news today, the surprising annoucement that Lucy Lawless is to star in a remake of the classic movie "Showgirls" as a wannabe stripper/exotic dancer. She takes on the role played in Oscar Winning style by the highly respected actress, Elizabeth Berkley, while rumours persist that Renee O'Connor may take on the Gina Gershon role of Crystal, the superstar stripper in the movie.
"I just felt like doing something different," said Lucy today. "And Showgirls was such a classic, I just hope I can do the role justice. I've been practising my lap dancing..."
The movie is set for release on April 1st 2003.

A Friend in Need - the DVD Reviewed!
27th March 2002
Released yesterday, XENAVILLE is delighted to have an in depth review and some screen captures from the brand new DVD thanks to the wonderful Neil!
Read it right here

And yet another exclusive, and another contributor to XENAVILLE, Gerard has adapted my XENA Episode Guide for the Palm Organiser. Got one of those? Then you will surely want to have an episode guide at your fingertips! Looks very impressive...wonder how much those things are....
You can download the files for the Palm Episode Guide here

DVD News
21st March 2002
The brand new A Friend in Need DVD is out on 26th March (a Tuesday??) and some people have managed to get it already! Read a brief review here from the Xenaville Message Board. Sounds like we could have saved ourselves some money - the behind the scenes on the DVD is exactly the same as on the recent Fan Club tape (which I still haven't received!) However, the commentary from Lucy, Renee and Rob is all new and sounds worth the price of the DVD.

Meanwhile, UK DVD fans are now able to get all of Season 1 and 2 on DVD. The second part of the DVD box set was released last week. Next up for UK shoppers is Season 6 on DVD and video in April. May should see the Season 3 DVDs, with Season 4 DVD expected on October. There aren't official release dates for S3 and S4 yet, but keep your eyes open.
Check out the available videos and DVDs at Blackstar

UPDATED - Details on the Kevin Smith Trust Fund
Updated 14th March 2002
You can now donate to the Kevin Smith Trust Fund via the Auckland Theatre Company, using your credit card and their secure site. I am not quite sure if you can pick your own currency or if its all in NZ dollars...anyway, go to the secure site

There is now an official trust fund set up in memory of Kevin Smith. It has been set up through the Auckland Theatre Company, with Lucy Lawless, Michael Hurst, Kevin's agent Robert Bruce and Simon Prast of the Aucklanf Theatre Company as trustees. So far, there is just an address to send donations to, arrangements for international funds are unknown. I'll let you know when I hear anything.
There is a message from Lucy Lawless on the subject at the Creation fan club page

Kevin Smith Trust Fund
c/o Auckland Theatre Company
P.O. Box 6513
Wellesley Street
New Zealand

March 4 - Xenaverse News
Get to the Creation Web Site and see photos from this years XENA Convention held in Pasadena last month. LOVE this photo of Claire Stansfield and Hudson Leick!
There are also a new batch of T shirts, and new photos available at the shopping page.

UK News
If you hadn't noticed, XENA is back on good old Channel 5. They are onto season 4 repeats, but are missing out anything unsuitable for a Saturday morning. The next two are In Sickness and in Hell and A Good Day. More fun are the next 2 Hercules episodes, that are on Channel 5 on Sundays. This week is Armageddon Now I and next week, Armageddon Now II both featuring Hudson Leick as Callisto and Kevin Smith as Ares. If you haven't seen these, make a note in your diary. Part 2 sees Lucy Lawless (as Xena the Conqueror) and Renee O'Connor guest star.

Memorial Service held for Kevin Smith
Updated 3rd March 2002
The New Zealand Herald web site reported on a memorial service held for Kevin Smith in Auckland on Thursday February 28th, and also said that the family held a private funeral in Kevin's home town of Timaru. Read the report here
A very similar report is here on the xtramsn site

The One News web site has several video clips from the TV News about Kevin's death including some footage from the memorial service featuring Michael Hurst, Danielle Cormack and Lucy Lawless speaking about Kevin.

Season 6 UK Video and DVD Releases
21st February 2002
UK Online retailer Blackstar has been posting April 1st as a release date for S6 on DVD and video for a while. An April fool we wondered? Anyway, the artwork for the 2 sets is now on their site. The video release is no unexpected - the first 5 seasons will have all been released by then. However, only seasons 1 and 2 will be out on DVD at that time, so it looks like they are trying to tempt the fans with the very latest season! Now..who's going to buy both??
Preorder the S6 video half box set and the S6 DVD box set part one right now

Tributes to Kevin Smith
18th February 2002
There is a lovely tribute from Lucy Lawless on the NZOOM site, a video clip from the Holmes tv show where Lucy pays tribute to her XENA co-star. It's very touching, I transcribed it here
View the clip here

The latest news reports are focussing on the delays in getting news about how Kevin died. Also that the Chinese New Year was holding up getting a death certificate, so his body has net yet been taken back to New Zealand for the funeral.
NZ Herald - Feb 18
The NZ Stuff web site has opened a book of condolence that you can sign.
XTRA msn reports on a NZ government minister paying tribute to Kevin and also on the funeral arrangements being on hold.
Creation Entertainment have a very nice tribute page up, and report that already they have raised $25,000 for Kevin's family.

Meanwhile, plans are afoot for a proper trust fund for Kevin's wife, Sue and his three sons. Lucy Lawless and Michael Hurst are both getting involved along with Kevin's agent, to organise an official fund for the donations already received. The Xena Fan Club page has more details on this.

Kevin Smith Information
17th February 2002
A video clip on the NZOOM web site reports on Kevin's death and includes a segment from the Pasadena convention where Michael Hurst is interviewed.(Real Media File)
See that clip here

There is also a video clip on the reaction in New Zealand to Kevin's death on the XTRAMSN web site that coincidentally includes an interview with Michael Hurst's wife Jennifer Ward-Lealand.(Windows Media Player)
See that clip here

NZ Herald Article on reactions from colleagues around the world

There is still no other actual information about the circumstances surrounding Kevin Smith's death, but the online XENA fandom has been getting organised about how fan might like to show their appreciation for Kevin and support for his young family. Go to MaryDs Kevin Smith In Memorium Page for all the details available, or post on this thread in the Xenaville Message Board

Kevin Smith Dead!!
16th February 2002
Terrible news for all XENA fans, as it was reported in the New Zealand Herald that the wonderful Kevin Smith, known and loved as Ares on XENA and HERCULES has died in China after the fall that was reported recently.
Read the news story on the NZ Herald site
A tragedy in so many ways - Kevin leaves a wife and three young sons - he also had movie stardom beckoning with a film role alongside Bruce Willis lined up. However, as ANYONE who met him will say, he was just an incredibly lovely guy. Kevin was a huge part of the success of XENA, and was a very fine actor.

February 15 - Kiwi News..
Just a couple of links to stories in the New Zealand news. Most worrying of all is this new report that Kevin Smith's life "hangs in the balance" after his accident in China. Reports are sketchy, and hopefully more positive news will come to light soon.

Another Kiwi newspaper story you might want to look at is a review of Lucy Lawless' appearance in The Vagina Monologues in the New Zealand Herald.

Kevin Smith
Lucy at her Best
As Lucy Lawless enters her 35th year, which of her non-XENA roles impressed you most?

Lysia in "Hercules and the Amazon Women". She even got to sleep with Zeus!
The truck driver in "Peach". Only a few lines, but probably her most infamous role
Shannon McMahon in "The X Files". Only 2 episodes, but Lucy's first post-XENA job.
As Lucy Lawless in "The Simpsons". Only her voice, and her XENA voice at that but very cool
As Lyla, the centaur's girlfriend on "Hercules". Lucy got to snog Kevin Sorbo and also poison him. Which would YOU rather do....?
As Herself in US sitcom "Something So Right". Vaguely funny
As a prostitute in "Just Shoot Me" - which was how I felt after watching this lame sitcom.
Presenter on the NZ "Holiday" Show. OK, so not acting, but lots of different settings, and Lucy as herself...
As Sarah McFee in "The Black Stallion". OK, so probably no one has seen it, but I quite enjoyed it. She was a bit nasty too....
As Rizzo in the Broadway production of "Grease"...a stage role that was apparently very good. Wish I'd seen it..

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Spring is sprung! Yes, its Springtime for Gabby in Ancient Greece! A time of new life (well, apart from certain warrior princesses who kicked the bucket recently) and little cute lambs (who obviously don't know what us Greeks put in our moussaka) and little bunny rabbits(although I can never look at them quite the same way since that incident with the seemingly "cute" bunny who tried to kill me a few years back) and fluffy yellow chicks(erm......nope, haven't had any bad experiences with them recently, thank the gods!)
You know maybe springtime is over rated....I think I feel a hay fever attack coming on.