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UK Starfury Convention
Heathrow, London
12-14th July 2002

UK Release
Season 3 DVD box 2
15th July 2002

UK Release
Season 4 DVD box 1
5th August 2002

Cherry Hill Con
New Jersey
9-11th August, 2002

Top Ten Renee O'Connor Moments
So I did lucy, now it's Renee! Here are my picks for some of her best moments on the show...

10. My vote for Renee's best comic performance is for Fins Femme's and Gems. This is a favourite comedy for most of us, but Gabrielle's self obsession was hilarious. I still think Renee is the better comic actress, she has wonderful timing - the secret to good comedy.

9. It seems like a small thing - a hair cut - but Gabrielle's trim in Between the Lines was initially greeted with howls of protest from Gab fans..."not the golden fleece!!" However, most agreed that Renee actually looked better with short hair. It certainly helped in character development terms.

8. Ides of March was a pretty momentous episode, but especially for Gabrielle. She abandons her way of peace to go on the rampage to defend Xena, we then have that touching jail cell scene with Gabrielle and Xena facing death by crucifixion. An important episode for Gabrielle, and great work by Renee.

7. Callisto introduced two crucial characters. Callisto, of course, and also Joxer, and for many years after Joxer and Gabrielle's relationship was fun to watch. This first ep saw Gabrielle beat him up in almost every way possible! Renee and Ted always worked well together.

6. The Deliverer saw Gabrielle lose her blood innocence, and one of Renee's most dramatic performances. I thought she did an amazong job of showing Gabrielle's trauma at killing for the first time. I believe they had a closed set that day for filming as Renee found the raw bearing of emotions quite tough. It certainly was effective.

5. Sacrifice 2. So much happened to the characters in Season 3, but this episode saw Renee do double duty for the first time - playing Gabrielle AND daughter Hope. Who can forget that S1 cliffhanger with Hope emerging from the cocoon. And talking of cliffhangers, Gabrielle's sacrifice at the end of part 2 was a real shocker!! It certainly had considerable impact throughout the beginning of Season 4.


S4 pt 1 DVD S6 DVD or VHS pt 2 S3 DVD pt1 / part 2 X Files with Lucy DVD

7th July - Lucy Links
Some very nice articles are out on Lucy and Rob's new baby boy. Two articles scanned over at MaryDs that you should check out. One on Lucy's fears over baby kidnapping - well she is a very high profile celebrity in NZ. The other is a really nice article with Lucy and Rob discussing their parenting skills!

Other Events Countdown
UK Fans, next weekend is the biggie, yes, the Starfury Chariots of War Convention. Guests are Hudson Leick, Claire Stansfield, Tim Omundsen and Melinda Clarke. I also hear that there is a special surprise guest....(I'll give you a clue - young, talkative, killer of Joxer..Got it yet??)
US Fans, the Cherry Hill Convention is fast approaching. August 9-11th. And any LA based fans, Renee O'Connor's Macbeth run continues. See the Shakespeare By The Sea website

2nd July - Renee as Lady Macbeth Web links
Renee O'Connor has started her run as Lady Macbeth with the Shakespeare by the Sea company in the Los Angeles area, and as expected, some XENA fans have been and reported back on the whole experience! I can't wait ... counting down til I go.
Read this message thread for details.

29th June - UK Starfury Con Schedule Posted
For UKers looking forward to Starfury, THE UK Con of the year, with guests Hudson Leick, Claire Stansfield, Tim Omundsen and Melinda Clarke - the Starfury website has the schedule for the weekend posted right here
Should be great fun, so if you are in the UK and aren't going, WHY NOT?!!?

17th June - Cherry Hill Con Ticket Update
For those of us heading to New Jersey, to the Cherry Hill Convention, August 9-11th, Creation have finally announced some other tickets apart from the very expensive Gold ones. However, not MUCH cheaper! Preferred admission is $60 per day, plus $60 for each of the 2 evening cabarets. General admission to the cabarets is £25, and can be booked online. General admission to the convention will only be available on the door, probably for around $25 too.
Go to the Creation Calendar page for more details.

15th June - Lucy Lawless Bits
The X Files DVD with Lucy Lawless' guest starring role was released in the UK last week, and the episode airs on satellite TV here this week too.
TV and Satellite Weekly - a UK TV listings magazine had a feature on the new series, that was ALL about Lucy! It features an "interview", although all of the quotes from Lucy seem to be from the ET interview she did at the time, (with the reported adding an old Wonder Woman mention.)
I have scanned it, so you can read it for yourself right here

The DVD promised extra features, but there was just a 5 minute feature on Monica Reyes and an even shorter segment on the making of the episode, which disappointingly didn't feature an interview with Lucy, just a brief mention from Robert Patrick. The DVD is plastered with Lucy pictures - the front and back covers and the actual disc ALL feature Lucy.
Another example of shoddy attention to detail though - the shows' stars are listed on the back cover as "Gillian Anderson, Monica Reyes and Robert Patrick." Poor old Annabeth Gish!

Want to know what that X Files episode is like? You can read my review of the episode and what I thought of Lucy in it right here

13th June - Fan Club News Updates
Some bits on information on the Creation Xena Fan Club page from Sharon Delaney.

"I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into XENA NEWSLETTER #19 which is in for approval.

There were some interesting notes on the recent photo approval forms I sent to Lucy and Renee that I thought you might enjoy. I sent a batch of photos from Hercules episodes where Lucy did crossovers. Next to one of the numbers was a smiley face. When I looked up the matching photo, it turned out to be from "Stranger In A Strange World." It's a photo of Xena at the end of the cake fight with Aphrodite. Lucy said she just loved that shot...

The DVD for the finale had just been released when I interviewed Lucy. I listened to the commentary done by her, Renee and Rob and asked follow-up questions to things mentioned on the DVD. Lucy talks about playing Young Xena, doing cartwheels, Xena's relationship with the young women in her life and Xena's choice to save the 40,000 villagers of Higuchi rather than staying with Gabrielle. Guess which character from the show she misses most?

Renee gives us a look into her life as a student studying Shakespeare at Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum. We learn her thoughts about Gabrielle taking a fencing class, being given a scene where she finds a headless body for the second time in her acting career and the joys of scansion. Wait till you read who turned up in her Shakespeare class! Her thoughts on Lucy being "loopy." And we find out which character from the series Renee misses most."

Visit Creation's Fan Club Page

9th June - UK Fest Total
Thanks to those of you who came to the 9th Midlands Xenafest. Once again, people were very generous, and £1320.50 was raised for charity. Thanks a lot to everyone!

7th June - UK DVD Update
Season 4 is coming to DVD! Region 2 and 4 viewers should note August 5th in their diaries, for the first half of Season 4, from Adventures in the Sin Trade to Daughter of Pomira. Preorder from Blackstar and save £7.00
With Season 6 part 2 out on VHS this week, the whole series has now been released on video in the UK. Don't forget, next Monday, June 10th is the X Files DVD featuring Lucy Lawless, although just 10 days later (June 20th) the series returns to UK TV on Sky One.
Oh, and good luck to England against Argentina on Friday!! We'll need it..

3rd June - God Save the Queen and Xena!
Happy Golden Jubilee! Yep, Xena has been around 50 years...no hang on, it's Queen Elizabeth II who is celebrating. Like the picture? :)
UKers who are feeling patriotic, after watching England play Argentina on Friday, why not come along to the UK Midlands Xenafest in Leicester on Saturday. Still a few tickets left and it is always fun to meet other Xenafans. A few videos, my quiz, a charity auction and more..
Read more details right here.

1st June - Xenaverse News
Jody sent me a link to her report from the Orlando Con that featured Alex Tydings, Claire Stansfield and Hudson Leick. Interesting reading and plenty of photos.
Visit the con report

Here's a link to a scan from a NZ Magzine with details of Kevin Smith's tragic death from someone who was there in China. Right here..

31st May - UK Video News
It's Jubilee Weekend here in the UK!! 50 years of Queen Elizabeth II's reign and I'm celebrating! Am I turning royalist?? No, but thanks to a longer holiday weekend, I got my Season 6 DVD box set 2 early.
Due for a June 3rd release, Blackstar sent them out today, and the main news is, despite Universal Playback's previous statements It is NOT the Director's Cut of A Friend in Need
No idea why Universal Playback sent out emails that it WAS going to be and then changed their minds. Anyway, at least that means you can now get both version of A Friend in Need on DVD; the US DVD Director's Cut and the UK Original! Get in quick at Blackstar as they have £7.00 off the DVD right now..Order here

The other Video/DVD news is that Lucy Lawless' X Files appearance is being released on DVD next week - June 10th, and Lucy even makes the cover :) Even better, the DVD is in widescreen.
Preorder right here from Blackstar

28th May - Tasteless Shopping Alert!
Obviously trying to prove the well known theory that Xena fans are mugs who will buy any old rubbish, SciFi Hobby have these hilariously hideous figures of Xena, Gabrielle, Ares and Callisto on their web site as due for a September 2002 release! They call them bobblehead figures and are selling sets for $80. Well hurry on over there folks.....stocks ARE limited!!
See all those lovely figures

26th May - UK Video/DVD news
Fans of Cleopatra 2525 in the UK will want to look out for the first series now available on VHS and DVD! Don't expect much in the way of extras, but with Channel 5 messing around with the schduling, here's your chance!
Order from Blackstar

You can also now pre-order the Season 3 DVD box set part 2, with the eps from The Bitter Suite to Sacrifice 2. Its not due for release til July 15th however. Preorder with Blackstar

20th May - Update to Renee News
Slight error on my note about Renee's Macbeth performance - there are NO tickets or reserved seating for the shows, its a free event.

"Shakespeare by the Sea is FREE - we do not sell tickets and there is no reserved seating. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis. Beach chairs, blankets and warm layered clothing are recommended. Point Fermin has bench seating, however many people bring their own chairs -- all tour locations are open grassy areas without seats - so definitely bring your own chairs or be prepared to sit on the ground. "

Reneé's dates/times/locations:
6/27 (opening night), 28, 29 -- San Pedro, Pt. Fermin -- 8 PM
7/5, 12, 18, 20 -- San Pedro, Pt. Fermin -- 8 PM
7/26 -- Hermosa Beach, Valley Park -- 7 PM
8/1, 3 -- Wilmington, Banning Park -- 7 PM
8/9 -- Manhattan Beach, Polliwog Park -- 7 PM
8/16 (closing night) -- San Pedro, Pt. Fermin -- 7 PM

18th May - Renee Does the Bard Thing!
Renee O'Connor is to tread the boards as Lady Macbeth in a production of Macbeth by the Shakespeare by the Sea Theatre Company in Southern California this summer. Opening night is on 27th June in San Pedro and it continues playing for a couple of performances a week for the next 5 weeks or so.
Visit the Shakespeare by the Sea Site
The performances are free, but there is a ticket booking form on the site.
Shakespeare by the Sea (SBTS) is a free summer theatre festival. Modeled after festivals all over the United States, SBTS is dedicated to building a quality festival that not only entertains but exposes new audiences to theatre as well. (And they can even spell theatre!)

16th May - Xenaverse News
Thanks to the fabulous Neil, you can see a video clip of Lucy Lawless' appearance in the Spider-Man movie! However, don't get too excited - the whole thing only lasts 3 seconds! Click here to get the 319kb .avi file.
Have a look at the Xenaville Message Board to see a screengrab of the closing credits that list Lucy too....

14th May - Xenaverse News
Creation Entertainment have ANOTHER video on sale from last years Pasadena Convention - the one Lucy and Renee were at. This time, its 55 minutes of the OTHER guests. It's $20 plus P&P (although you can double that if you are outside the US or Canada!)
Some coverage of Lucy Lawless' baby in the New Zealand magazines, but so far no pictures! Check out the Kiwi Attic site for the magazines

UK Fans, this Friday after a night out, settle down to a rerun of the movie version on The Debt on Channel 5 at 1am. Unfortunately, there idea of editing is to cut all the scenes from part 2 that had onscreen credits...
The never ending saga of the Xena DVDs is not a lot clearer. May 20th may be correct, although one online retailer says its been delayed until 15th July! You CAN order the S6 DVD box set 2 and S6 box set 2 Videos though...

Finally, UKers, don't forget the Midlands Xenafest on June 8th. The program still hasn't been finalised but it should be fun. Read more here

Xenaverse News - 10th May
You can't have missed all the fuss about Sam Raimi's Spider-Man film, and with strong RenPics connections, it's one to see for sure. New mum Lucy Lawless filmed a brief cameo over a year ago and has one line, so watch carefully! Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell, who are in just about EVERY Sam Raimi film, have more significant roles, so look out for them.

Meanwhile, US viewers might have caught a few brief features on ET about Lucy Lawless' new baby. Not heard too much yet, but you can check out the story on the ET Site here

Meanwhile, after yet MORE full page adverts for the Season 3 DVD box set released on May 6th, it has been confirmed that the S3 DVDs will be out on May 20th. You can still preorder via Blackstar.
You can also preorder S6 DVD box set 2 and S6 box set 2 Videos - apparently with the Director's Cut of A Friend in Need - due for release on June 3rd. Wonder if it will stay at that date though??

It's a Boy!!!
7th May 2002
A Good News day, Sharon Delaney sent out this email.

"With his father's urgings and his mother's anguish, Judah Miro Tapert was born at 11:46pm local time on May 7th. Weight 8 lbs 8 oz. Everyone is fine. "

Kevin Smith

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You know sis, some people make a really big deal out of sports don't they? I mean I know us Greeks invented the Olympics and Xena and I WERE reponsible for the marathon race (sort of), but there is this thing called the (Known) World Cup going on somewere in the East right now. You know I have a thing about the East since that business in Japa(n) with that little cow Akemi, so I'm not bothered, but Xena is up at all hours watching flipping South Korea v Costa Rica! Xena is cheering for England....huh, what does she know - Miss "I'm dead and only you can see me"! I've got my dinars on Gaul (that's France for you non-Romans..)