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UK Release
Season 4 DVD box 2
16th September 2002

Lucy Lawless' guest stars on
The Bernie Mac Show
US TV Fox Channel
Spetember 18th 2002

UK Release
Season 5 DVD box 1
4th November 2002

Top Ten Painful Moments
Contributed by Tony

10. Destiny - Xena gets her legs broken with a mallet (wielded by Lucy's brother, Daniel trivia fans!) Ouch.

9. Eve - What's worse the slaughter or the aftermath?, as Livia sends Mum a message.

8. Them Bones, Them Bones - Xena has an Alien moment.....phew it was only a dream/premonition.

7.Antony and Cleopatra - The fights are pretty violent especially the last one, where Brutus meets a gruesome end after his throat has an argument with Gabby's knife

6. Adventures in the Sin trade II - Xena offs the head Amazons in a variety of inventive and painful ways. Poor Cyane, skewered!

5. Who's Gurkhan? - Xena is tortured at the hands of Gurkhan. Nasty! 4. Ides of March - A classic scene, as Gabby goes from peace-loving pacifist to one-woman killing machine. I know which one I prefer!


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10th September - More XENA Trading Cards Announced!

Always nice to hear about new XENA merchandise being produced, and I am a big fan of the trading cards. Rittenhouse have a new set, Xena: Beauty and Brawn. Featuring costume cards, special sets devoted to the Amazons, Kevin Smith Tribute cards and autographs from people like Vicky Pratt, Jeremy Callaghan, Darien Takle, Alison Bruce and some very desirable sounding double autographs - Lucy and Renee or Renee and Hudson. The release date is 4th December 2002
Read all the details at the Scifi Hobby Site

10th September - Creation Fan Club News

Sharon Delaney from the XENA fan clube sent out an email this week with some snippets from the next newsletter chats with Lucy and Renee.
Here's a bit from the Lucy interview when I asked if Renee had to stop any natural tendency she might have for Gabrielle to touch Xena in the early episodes:

Lucy snorted. "She should stop herself from punching me! She went through this period of pummeling me in the stomach."
"Did she really?" I laughed in amazement. "On screen or off?"
"Off screen," Lucy laughed. "It's like having a terrier bite your ankles." She gave a big sigh. "Awww, you're making me miss those times."

8th September - Depressing TV News

Not XENA news, but more examples of crappy TV studios at work. In the last few days two of the best scifi/fantasy shows have been cancelled. FARSCAPE and WITCHBLADE have been cancelled by the Sci-Fi Channel and TNT respectively. Ironically, stars Ben Browder of Farscape and Yancy Butler of Witchblade were the recent best actor and actress at the Saturn awards... Seems that if a show isn't a cop/crime/medical drama, it won't last long.
Some emails to try:-
Email Scifi.com about Farscape or visit This Site to read more

Sign the Online Petition for Witchblade or you could try this email address for TNT

30th August - Baby Boom News

In the latest addition to the XENA actors baby boom, Tsianina Joelson who played Varia in S6 gave birth to a baby boy named Paul on August 28th. It was announced at the Cherry Hill Con that the birth was imminent - can't remember if I mentioned it! Anyway, congratulations to Tsianina and her husband.
Visit www.tsianinafan.com

30th August - Xenaverse News

There are a few things to look out for on US TV in the next few weeks for Lucy fans. Lucy is making a guest appearance in the season opener of The Bernie Mac Show as herself. She and Matt Damon are at a celebrity golf tournament and Bernie meets them apparently. MaryD has some pics on her site. 18th September on Fox needs to go in your diary.

Keep an eye on the Discovery Channel too - Lucy is due to be hosting a show about female gladiators. No information on her involvement (ie, on or off screen) but something to try and catch. Sunday 8th September, check your local listings guide for times.

UK Fans, one for your diary. 12th October is the final By The Gods - London Xena meet ups that have been going a long time. Pages Bar in Westminster is the venue.

News from Creation
..and a nice Lucy and Renee Photo
August 24th 2002
Fan Club head girl Sharon Delaney recently filmed Coffee Talk 2 with Lucy and Renee that features them in conversation about their time on XENA, and will be part of the next fan club kit. She writes...

It was a walk down memory lane starting with the first time Xena and Gabrielle appeared on screen together in "Sins Of The Past." Gabrielle is trying to convince Xena to take her away from her boring village life and dull fiance into a world of adventure. As the images came up on the TV, Rene looked over at Lucy, "Do you remember filming this?" "I do actually," Lucy said. "I remember meeting you that first week and you would look at me like . . ." "You're a goddess!" Rene finished Lucy's sentence and they both laughed. "Well, that's over," Lucy remarked wryly. "By the fifth season you were punching me in the stomach." And that set the tone for the afternoon.

There were 38 different clips of comic moments (from the list ya'll so fabulously provided ), fights and sensitive chats. I remember two in particular that Lucy and Rene responded to. The first was Xena hitting Gabrielle in "The Reckoning." Lucy's hand flew to her mouth in shock when Xena hit Gabrielle. She didn't remember that happening. Rene then remembered something she had asked Lucy to do to get Gabrielle's reaction to the hit.

The second was the campfire scene from "Callisto." So many memories came back with that one including the smile in the middle of the scene. The most revealing discovery for me in the whole afternoon was when Rene asked Lucy what she was thinking during that scene. I was stunned by Lucy's response and so was Rene.

When the allotted time was up, I told them what clips still remained and they wanted to just keep going. It was a beautiful summer day, they were visiting good times and they were with each other. A perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Sounds fab! Read the bits I snipped and see the full photo of the one above at the Creation Fan Club Page

It's Back... Spitting Image Part III
More Dubious Doppelgangers...
August 19th 2002
Back by popular demand!(Well, at least one person emailed me..) Yes, the XENA lookalikes return. And this time, there are lots of them. You'll laugh, you'll scoff, you'll go "huh?"
Check out the
Spitting Image Part 3 page.
Who needs bobblehead dolls....

15th August - Renee in Macbeth and more
I was lucky enough to see Renee twice while I was in the US. In Macbeth, and also in the Love Letters play at the Cherry Hill Convention. You can read more details of both of these on the Cherry Hill 2002 Page and the Renee in Macbeth Page.
Some naughty person sneakily took these EXCLUSIVE photos of the Macbeth production (it wasn't me!) but its not like seeing these pictures are going to put you off going to the play is it? I have photos of setting up, the preshow and the performance in Hermosa Beach. By the way, Renee's final performance is this Friday. Break a leg dahling!

15th August - Xenaverse News Updates
So what else has been going on in the Xenaverse? Well you can't have missed Lucy's latest ad campaign in New Zealand to promote breastfeeding! A striking and beautiful picture now appearing at Doctor's surgeries all over new Zealand! Wonder how long they will stay on walls? Someone grab me one...

Now in Los Angeles for a bit, Lucy has reportedly just filmed a cameo for The Bernie Mac Show with Matt Damon. I haven't seen the show, but Bernie goes to a celebrity golf tournament where Lucy and Matt Damon are playing. According to Sharon Delaney from the XENA fan club, they had to teach Lucy to swing badly! I seem to remember her and Claire Stansfield playing golf together a while back.

For those of you with money to burn, the Creation Carribean Cruise might be for you! Sailing from Florida in April 2003 with a ton of guests on board (no Lucy or Renee of course), prices range from $1350 to $3000 per person based on 2 people sharing!

Other Creation news, Coffee Talk 2 was filmed with Lucy and Renee last week - presumably for the next fan club kit. Can't wait for that.
Check out the XENA fan club page

Do check out the Macbeth page, some great photos of Renee as Lady Macbeth there. And I finally have a new top ten! Only took me about 4 months to change it!

7th August - Letter from America
Actually, I lost this little update I did from someone else's computer, but I just wanted to have this photo of me and Renee on the page :)

I'm off the the USA for a couple of weeks, seeing Renee in Macbeth (hopefully they'll stop moving the venue!) and also to the Cherry Hill Convention.

20th July - UK Starfury Con Report Done!

Took me a few days but you can now see my STARFURY photos and read my report on the convention right here.
Many thanks to all the guests...next stop Cherry Hill!

UK fans, you can now preorder S4 and 5 on DVD - keep on clicking on those handy links above!

18th July - One Final Emmy Nod for Joseph LoDuca!

It all seems such a long time ago now, but todays Emmy nominations included a very well deserved nod for Joe LoDuca's gorgeous music for A Friend in Need 2. The ceremont is on September 22nd. Good luck Joe! The nominations are:
Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Dramatic Underscore)

Blue Planet: Seas Of Life Ocean World DISC Discovery Channel/ BBC Music Composed by George Fenton

JAG Adrift (Part 2) CBS Paramount Television in association with CBS Music by Steve Bramson

24 7:00 a.m - 8:00 a.m. FOX Real Time Productions, Imagine Televison in association with 20th Century Fox Television Music by Sean Callery

The X-Files The Truth FOX Ten Thirteen Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television Music by Mark Snow

Xena: Warrior Princess A Friend In Need II SYN Pacific Renaissance Music by Joseph LoDuca

(Thanks to Nic for the news alert!)

16th July - UK Starfury Con

Haven't had time to write up my convention report yet from the UK Starfury Con - the last event of its kind in the UK (sob!) but I thought I'd post a couple of photos and a quick report.

The con was fab - as always, and we ended up with SIX guests! Hudson Leick, Claire Stansfield, Tim Omundsen, Melinda Clarke and then Adrienne Wilkinson and Paris Jefferson were also there. All the guests were wonderful, and I especially enjoyed Melinda Clarke. She is a great con guest - very outgoing. She and Hudson are good friends and appeared onstage together. Other highlights of the weekend, Claire Stansfield's HILARIOUS action figure movie featuring Alti and Callisto; Tim Omundsen keeping up the Starfury cross-dressing tradition by swapping clothes with Claire! Hudson and Melinda getting into the dressing up by putting on clothes that some of the fancy dress contestants wore. Hudson looks FAB as a Fury!

Huge thanks to Sean and the team of organisers for a great weekend.(Even if the quiz was cancelled!!)
I'll get my report written up soon.
Tim and Claire / Adrienne / Melinda / Hudson and Melinda dress up

Kevin Smith
Top Lucy Episodes..
Yes, yes, Lucy was fab in ALL of the episodes, but which was her *best* moment on the show?

Sins of the Past - that all important first episode, and she pulled off the fights and attitude.
Warrior...Princess - Lucy plays Xena AND Diana, her first chance to show her comic skills.
The Greater Good - dramatic stuff from an injured Xena
Callisto - remember that nice camp fire scene. Lucy gets all dramatic then leaps around on ladders.
Is There a Doctor in the House? - Lucy shows Xena's grief over Gabrielle's apparent death..oo-er.
Orphan of War - ok, not a fab ep, but Lucy was great with Xena's guilt over her son.
Warrior..Princess..Tramp - Lucy gets to play 3 characters, with several of them pretending to be each other. Could have been confusing, but Lucy pulls it off.
Intimate Stranger - Lucy camps it up to play Callisto! She makes a great baddie.
The Xena Scrolls - Lucy plays Mel Pappas! Yet another character, and another accent.
Here She Comes, Miss Amphipolis - Lucy as the blonde airhead beauty queen was a hoot
Destiny - our first trip to "bad old Xena" country, and something different again for Lucy. Crucifixion time mk. 1.
The Price - Xena gets all violent and ruthless - well, more than usual. Another great Lucy ep.
The Furies - From Three Stooges farce to looney tune to psycho killer. Pretty big range of emotions here.
Been There, Done That - great episode, and Lucy got to play a different sort of comic role here.
The Debt - bad old Xena, childsnatcher, Lao Ma fan, underwater swimmer, assassin, prisoner with a table on her neck. This ep had it all, and some of Lucy's best acting.
Warrior..Priestess..Tramp - the latest lookalike was lisping priestess Meg. These were always fun episodes, and Lucy seemed to enjoy them too.
Maternal Instincts - probably Xena's worst nightmare, her son murdered. Lucy was wonderful at showing Xena's grief and her emotions with Gabrielle.
The Bitter Suite - come on, who had a tear in their eye when Lucy sang "Love of Your Love".
One Against and Army - a dilemma for Xena, as Gab is mortally injured.
Adventures in the Sin Trade - a Gab-lite ep, so lots of work for Lucy. More murderous old Xena, and for once Lucy wasn't opposite Renee for her dramatic bits.
Locked Up and Tied Down - Xena faces up to her guilty past, and Lucy gets very wet and has to act with rats again!
Ides of March - a highly dramatic episode, Xena pursues Caesar, comes up against Callisto and gets crucified (again).
Fallen Angel - bet Lucy LOVED playing that demon Xena!
Chakram - amnesiac Xena was a peacenik. Wierd, but watch Lucy skip around the place :)
Amphipolis Under Siege - Lucy suffers for her acting. Imagine having to snog Kevin Smith for a living!!
Antony and Cleopatra - Xena undercover, flirting with a man too! Great ep, and Lucy was wonderful.
Looking Death in the Eye - full of plot twists, and Xena had to fool those gods to save her daughter.
Heart of Darkness - Xena is tempted by the dark side. Why else would she dance with Gab like that??
The Ring Trilogy - yes a bit of a cheat, but wasn't Lucy amazing as Valkyrie Xena, avenging Xena and amnesiac Xena in Return of the Valkyrie.
When Fates Collide - Fabulous episode, and Lucy was brilliant as the alternate Empress Xena. Crucified again..
Soul Possession - Lucy as Annie first seen in Deja Vu and a female Joxer type role!
A Friend in Need - Xena's last fling, and we had more fire breathing, more fab fights, and some heart wrenching tear jerking stuff. She looked good in the outfits too.
Another Lucy episode I haven't listed.

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